Friday, December 27, 2013

Covered in Love

First off, I want to wish you all a
belated very Merry Christmas!
We got so busy with family,
that I just never had time to post!
Christmas was very special this year,
with Maggie now one
and Charlie a very active three!

Last Sunday, Charlie and his Mommy
joined us at church.
The children were presenting their annual pageant,
and Charlie really enjoyed that.
He also loved watching and hearing the choir.
I was surprised at that.
Next time they join us, I will take him upstairs
to the choir loft so that he can meet our very talented organist,
Dr. David Burton Brown,
and have a look at our wonderful organ.

After church we enjoyed lunch and then a very surprising visit
from two of my knitting buddies.
Roberta, (aka Dr. Sock) and Bernice
dropped in
to 'present' to me with this fabulous blanket.

Roberta, me holding the blanket,  Bernice
I had thought it rather odd that members of 
my knitting group had not knit me chemo caps.
Another strange thing was that after knitting was over,
a few of them would congregate around one another's cars
in the parking lot. 
It didn't seem like they wanted me around.
I was a bit hurt, quite honestly!
Well, it turned out that they had been scheming
behind my back for several months,
knitting me this most beautiful blanket.

Each member of the group knit a block,
and each is a different pattern and size.
One member, the 'other' Judy,
raises sheep and all of the yarn is from her flock!
How special is that!!!
Only the one mustardy yellow block that you see above
was dyed, and Judy dyed it naturally.
The rest of the wool is just as it came off of the sheep.

I have napped under this incredible gift of love
every afternoon since it was given to me…
and let me tell you,
it is very soft and warm!

This blanket is one of the most wonderful 
gifts I've ever received.
Thank you doesn't seem adequate…
not sure what to say or how to say it…
but I love this blanket
and will cherish it always!!!

On another knitting note,
I finished my Bough and Cable Hat,
designed by Leila Raabe.
I needed a bit of a challenge
in my knitting bag,
as I've mainly been focusing on vanilla socks lately.

I loved learning a few more stitches
on the Bough segments,
and of course, I've never met a cable I didn't like!
So it was challenging, 
but loads of fun!
The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.
If you've never knit with it,
you SHOULD!!!
Oh, it's just the best!
The color in the photo above is true to the yarn,
which is Birdbook
(the color below is off).
Another nice thing is,
the hat fits me really well!

Here's a detail shot

I tried to capture one of the bough segments,
but it is pretty indistinct.

Now I'm on the hunt for two things:
another challenging pattern
(perhaps a cardigan?)
another project using Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter
(perhaps a cardigan?).
I'd welcome your suggestions!

Thanks for dropping by!

Peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

Merry Christmas!!! The blanket, oh my gosh!!! It is beautiful not only in techinique, color, but in the loving way it was created. What a very special gift to cherish and remember the loving friends who created it. You hat is beautiful. I love the color and the pattern is wonderful. I love that Charlie enjoyed the music and pagent. Wishing you a peaceful weekend under your blanket of love. xoxo

Connie Rose said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas, Judy! I love your new blanket -- what a wonderful gift. Use it in good health! I love that hat pattern and the hats you've knit. I used to love to do cables, too, and lace. Now it's just easy peasy knitting for me (4x4 seed stitch) so I don't have to bother dealing with a pattern! Hope you have a grand weekend, and a very happy, HEALTHY new year. Much love to you! xoxo

Gerrie said...

That blanket is just gorgeous - what a lovely, warm gift. My Christmas present arrived today. It is so pretty, but now it has to go in the box with the others until we move. I did not send out Christmas presents to anyone but immediate family this year - too much going on here. I am impressed that you found the time with all you have happening. Sending warm wishes and hugs and hoping for a healthy and happy new year for you and your beautiful family.


deanna7trees said...

sounds like you had a grand holiday. i just love that blanket and can imagine how wonderful it must feel to be wrapped within. maybe you'd like to make this cardigan for Maggie....

Ginny Huber said...

I too love the new blanket and cn understand why it leaves you almost speechless after "thank you." All from the "other Judy's flock and spun and snitted by all the members of the knitting group. wow! Glad you are having such a good holiday time surrounded by the love of family and friends..

Anonymous said...

The blanket is amazing. What a true labor of love. You are so fortunate to be blessed with such good friends.


Carol (sil

Carol said...

Dearest Judy, wrapped in love is exactly what you are, whether in that gorgeous blanket or from all your loving family and friends. Wonderful blanket, wonderful friends! And as for your bough - well, as usual, you amaze me! Keep knitting my dear, and keep on keeping on. You will have so much love to see you through January and the rest of the year, not the least from me and my family. Love you xxx

tiedyejudy said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift from your friends! And I really love your hat... such a beautiful yarn and the stitch pattern is lovely!

Peggy said...

Judy, I love your new blanket, too! It's funny how we pick up on it when people are trying to make a nice surprise for us, isn't it?

Merry Happy New Year! I know it will be!! xo

Maggi said...

What a wonderful gift Judy and amazing that they managed to keep it secret from you for all that time.

Love the hat and its gorgeous colours and you can clearly see the bough.

So glad that you had a wonderful Christmas, always a magical time with children.