Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Show DID Go On!

……and it was marvelous!

One of the most thrilling aspects for me was when 
Amanda, the director of the Quinlan Visual Arts Center,
approached me and said "You've just sold your first piece!
Do you want to put the red dot on the sign?"
Our dear friends Kathie and Roger Futrell purchased my piece,
"Circles Interrupted"!

I was totally overwhelmed by the turn-out
of family and friends,
on a cold week night!
It was very heartwarming for me,
and I shall never forget it!
Below are artists Rosemary Dodd
and Becky Evans,
checking out my work.

Even my Oncologist, Dr. Andre Kallab
was there to support me!
That's bald me, Dr. K, and my good friend Kathy McCurdy:

Two in my "Holey" series sold during the opening reception.
The one on the left went to my good friend Sherrie Schrage,
while the one in the center was purchased by 
my neighbor and friend Graham McKinnon.
He is having it framed and it will hang in 
his law office.

More 'people pics':
Joe & Sue Cronmiller with Timm Scott

me chatting it up with our neighbors
Deborah and Tread Syfan

my friend Jack Kirves,
who is an incredible photographer
(my piece 'Second Stage' which went to 
the Sacred Threads show in Herndon, VA
is to Jack's right)

This is my favorite piece,
which you've all seen before,
"Panic Attack"

The gals at the Quinlan did a fabulous job
hanging the show.
I was really honored that "Panic Attack"
hangs in the main lobby as you enter the Quinlan.

…..and of course, I couldn't complete this post 
without a family pic or two!
Maggie and her Daddy
checking out the artwork of the very talented
Paige Harvey.

Maggie and her Mommy
with my "Datura" 
in the background.

Unfortunately I have no pictures
of dear Charlie,
but of course he was there too!
He wanted to know in which pieces
I used his paint brushes!

I thought I had uploaded all of my photos
to my Flickr site,
but now I cannot find them….
chock it up to more chemo brain!

I will get busy with that soon,
so you can see more!
If you are on FaceBook,
you can find me at Judy Hill Carpenter.
I have lots more pics of the show there.

Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks for your continued support!

Peace to you and yours!


Connie Rose said...

What a terrific show, Judy. You must be so proud! And congrats on selling 3 pieces -- wowza! Hope you're having a great weekend. Be well. xoxo

Beverly said...

Congratulations, the show looks wonderful. And three sales already, that is beyond fabulous! I'm so happy for you!

deanna7trees said...

i knew it would be grand. wish i could have been there to see it in person. congratulations.

Jeannie said...

Happy dancing all through the house!!!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful show AND selling 3 pieces to some very lucky people. I am just busting with happiness for you. Now put your feet up and relax. xoxo

Diana Angus said...

This is all so fantastic! I am thrilled for you that your perseverance through the rough spots prevails! Also hearing that your work is selling must feel fanastic, too! Congratulations and continued success to you.

tiedyejudy said...

How wonderful, to have such a great turnout for the show, and to sell your work! Thanks for sharing your pix... I'm grinning from ear to ear!

Jane LaFazio said...

Congratulations on a remarkable accomplishment! So proud of so many ways. Xox

Gerrie said...

Brava! So proud of you. Congrats on the sales, too. Frosting on the cake. Now, please take it easy and rest up for the rest of your cancer journey. But I think the worst is behind you.

Maggi said...

It looks so wonderful Judy and a great turn out. So thrilling for you to be selling the pieces too.

Margarita Korioth said...

Felicitaciones dear Judy!That is a remarkable accomplishment!
send you BIG hugs all the way to you.

Karoda said...

Congrats to you on a wonderful reception and show and sale!

The first photo of the feather I thought was on fabric and the feather appeared to be in 3-D paint.