Friday, December 06, 2013

The Show Must Go On!

I've been really busy preparing for my upcoming show
(if you click on the Upcoming Exhibits and then Winter Exhibit'
you'll see more about my show!)
There were so many loose ends to tie together,
and I get tired -
really tired - these days!
(I've completed 5 rounds of chemo now,
and for the most part, I feel really good.
I've become a great napper,
and enjoy doing so after lunch most afternoons.)

So, back to my show preparations:
I was all set to deliver everything to "the Q"
yesterday afternoon when the UPS man arrived
with a package of feather findings
that I had ordered from Etsy eons ago.
I had thought that these findings were coming
from the U.S.,
but no:
they came from China -
and apparently on the very slowest boat!
But, they arrived just in the nick of time!!!
So, I spent this afternoon
(or what was left of it after my nap!)
attaching a few feather findings to

Aren't these feathers fun???!!!
The best part is, I have three extra feathers!
Two earrings and one necklace,
I'm thinking!

Here are the backs of a few of my pieces,
ready to roll (literally):

It's been so long since I've posted
that I wonder if anyone will read this?
I hope so.
I miss you guys!!!
If you do read this, thanks for not giving up on me!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Peace to you and yours!


Laurie Brainerd said...

Judy, I love reading your posts (thanks for reposting on FB :) )

Wish I could attend your show. Please take lots of pictures and tell us all about it!


Gerrie said...

I so wish I could pop down to Georgia or pop up in Georgia and help you hang the show and get to hang out with you. Hope it gets rave reviews and I hope you get your strength and verve back, soon. Love ya!

deanna7trees said...

of course we will read this. i don't always comment but always read your posts. those feathers are fabulous. fabulous fun feathers on Friday. and i know the show will be fabulous as well.

Merrilee said...

Oh, how I wish I could come to see your show AND you! So if the one you showed on the blog is "Gone Tomorrow", do you have one entitled, "Hair Today"? xxoo - M

komodori said...

These feathers are wonderful! I can hardly wait until next's like a giant early Christmas present! And I'm so glad you're napping diligently. Love you!

Jeannie said...

Well you know I am still here. :) I love those feathers, both on the art and the metal ones. Well worth waiting for. I hope Craig or Kristin take lots of photos of the show for us that can't be there. Rest and take it easy, you have some big days ahead. Sending love and hugs.

echiment said...

Hi Judy--Thought it was time I "come forward" and let you know I follow your blog and thoroughly enjoy the surface design work you do. I think of you and wish you well on you "healing journey."
Liz Chiment in Idyllwild, Ca.

Carol said...

Oh, the feathers are wonderful and go so perfectly with your stamped version. I so wish I could be there to cheer you on, though I know there will be plenty of cheerers there. What a star you are, Judy! xox

Pixie said...

still here sweetie :-)

tiedyejudy said...

I visit every day, so I look forward to hearing all about your show! I love the feathers... so graceful! Glad to hear you are napping... you are still doing so much considering your chemo... I'm impressed! Be well, and have a great show!

Connie Rose said...

Good luck with the show. I'm so impressed that you've had the energy to do everything to get ready for it. You deserve a huge success! Much love. xoxo

Maggi said...

The feathers are just beautiful and I love the backs of the quilts. I am really impressed with how much you have managed to get done and wish you every success with the show.

Peggy said...

Nap away, Judy -- sleep is Nature's healer. This piece is just fabulous, what I can see -- I hope for more photos from the show! Love to you.