Friday, January 31, 2014

Knitting in a Winter Wonderland

My sister-in-law Molly emailed me yesterday
and asked if everything was ok,
since I hadn't blogged in a while.
It was nice to be missed!
Actually I've been rather busy,
and then our weather has been so beautiful
that there really wasn't time to sit down and write!
I took the photo above on Tuesday afternoon
when the snow was finally beginning to accumulate.
I was really hoping we'd have a nice snowfall,
and I wasn't disappointed.
I think we probably got a total of 3",
but there was also ice involved,
so the roads were really a mess.
There was no school here on Wednesday and Thursday,
so the kids had a great time sledding
on the hills at the golf course.
I loved walking the boys through the woods
and hearing the drumming of woodpeckers
in the otherwise still environment.
There's a certain hush
on snowy days
that cannot be duplicated.

This was Wednesday morning's view:

Only the addition of a few deer 
could have improved it.
Bosco hadn't seen snow before,
and at first he was terrified,
but it didn't take him long to figure out that he loved it!

Barker even enjoyed it -
I think the softness felt good on his tired, old feet.

….and somebody else built his first snowman,
aptly named Frosty!

Speaking of Charlie,
I did minor surgical repairs on the neckband
of his fish sweater:

I'm happy to report that it now fits him!

I also finished knitting this sock

and I started these:

This yarn is from Barb Parry's 
Foxfire Fiber & Designs.
I'm participating in a KAL that she is hosting.
It ends on Valentine's Day,
so I doubt that I will be finished,
but I'm enjoying both the yarn and the pattern.

I hadn't tried knitting two socks at a time 
on one circular needle before,
but with the 'snow days' I took the liberty
to learn, using a Youtube video.
It's really very easy, if you haven't tried it.

And then another skein of yarn arrived,
and with my newly-mastered skill,
I cast-on these socks:

This yarn is Schoppel Cat Print,
and you can find it here.
My friend Bernice knit a pair of socks for herself
from this yarn, but in different colorway.
Wait until you see how these work up.
It is really incredible!
These are just stockinette,
so they will work up quickly -
great evening movie-watching knitting for me!

I have Valentines on my mind these days too.
So I carved this from black paper the other day

I think I may make a Thermofax screen from it.
What do you think?

I'll leave you with one last snow photo:
a snow cone:

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours!


Connie said...

Hi Judy,
Wow! You have been busy. I do hope that you are feeling well and strong, but don't out do yourself. That heart that you cut out is gorgeous. You're a woman of many talents :)
God bless you,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Ginny Huber said...

So many thoughts come to me from veiwing this wonderful compendium from the great title to charlie's face and little "frosty" his first snowman.. I like your carved heart..but never thermofaxed so will look forward to seeing what happens there. Happy winter wonderland..and knitting, and ...and..

deanna7trees said...

love seeing the snow in its pristine condition...before it gets slushy and muddy. it makes for such a peaceful scene. love your new knitting adventures. i just ordered some beautiful yarn for an unusual type scarf. can't wait to get it. Frosty is just the right size for a little one.

Gerrie said...

Love the photos of Charlie and Barker and Frosty!! I was hoping to see some snow dyeing!! XXOO

Jeannie said...

I love your pine snowcone! Isn't is a beautiful quiet that comes with a snowfall. I don't know how the acoustics change, but the sounds are so much sharper. Your socks a loverly. I especially like the Pipi Longstocking stripes. :) Charlie looks so cute next to his snowman. Memories are being made. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

Such a lot of gorgeousness here Judy... Really love Charlie and the boys, the snow scenes are so lovely, especially as it is very, very hot here, and as for your knitting skills, you constantly amaze me! Must send you a long email... xox

Peggy said...

Judy, love that your boys (and your grandson!) got to play in the snow! My girls love it, too. Will watch to see your socks take form! Happy knitting, Judy. We've got frigid temp's coming in this week, watch out, they might head your way again! xo

Maggi said...

Yes you certainly have been missed, but obviously you've not been idle. Love all the socks.

The heart design would certainly work well as a thermofax. I say go for it.

I remember the days when it was fun to play in the snow without being concerned with the cold! Charlie certainly seems to be enjoying the experience and so do the dogs.