Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Knitting & Not-so-Idle Hands

I finally finished this adorable
for Charlie last week.
I was so proud of myself!
I had to sew up the side seams -
that was ALL!
It had been sitting on my cutting table in my sewing room
for months and months!
We enjoyed dinner with Charlie & Co
on Saturday evening,
and I brought along the sweater.
Here he is trying to get it on:

Did I ever tell you that he has a very large head?
Well, he does!
So, the sweater is home with me
and I will unbind the neckband and do
and hopefully that will remedy the 'problem'!

While in the seam sewing mode,
I also seamed up the shoulders and sides

I love this simple pattern.
It too had been sitting on my table waiting patiently 
to be seamed.
When not in my hands,
it resides here

in my wonderful project bag from Quince and Co.
Speaking of Quince & Co,
if you are interested in learning 
more about many, many aspects of knitting,
Pam Allen (of Quince and Co.)
Hannah Fettig (of Knitbot)
(one of my favorite knitwear designers)
have a relatively new podcast
I love listening to them discuss everything,
whether it be buttonholes or worsted weight,
it is all very interesting.

I am digressing a bit here,
but it fits, so I'll add it.
Craig gave me a great book:
by Barb Parry.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
It turns out that Barb has a yarn CSA
(community supported agriculture)
to which you can purchase shares of her own yarn.
I am so looking forward to receiving my first skeins
from Barb in March!
Well, I'm also doing a sock KAL that Barb is sponsoring,
so my very first yarn from her sheep will arrive later this week!

OK, back to project bags!
I made this one the other day

It is the perfect size for, you guess it:
I found the pattern through a link that
Susan B. Anderson had on her blog.
Thank you Susan!
I used fabric from a vintage pillowcase
that I had dyed several years ago.

the lining fabric is commercial quilting cotton:

I especially like this bag because it has
a large flat bottom, and a zippered top,
so things stay put.
It just plain works for me!
I will make many more,
as the pattern is easy and fun!

Here's the sock that is currently residing
in the bag:

This is the Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn
that I bought while we were at the beach.
It is a dream to work with.
Next pair of socks will be knit
two-at-a-time on a circ!

Yesterday I completed this hat for Maggie

It's Susan B. Anderson's 'Acorn Hat'.
I had the yarn in my stash,
Mags needed a new hat,
and so the pattern worked.
All that said,
she too has a big head,
but I believe even this hat is waaay too big for her!

The band can be rolled up,
so I know it will now fit her.
It reminds me of a circus tent
or, better yet, a Hershey's Kiss!

I'm feeling really well,
and enjoying our sunny days.
I still have my drains in,
so my activity is somewhat limited.
I'm so ready to get back to the gym!
We do walk for at least an hour everyday,
but I want to see my gym peeps and pump some iron with them!
I also want to get back in the studio and do some
surface design!  
Right now it would be impossible to screen print,
but hopefully I'll be back to that in another
week or two.
Thanks goodness for books, knitting, and the Internet!
……and good friends like YOU!
Your comments and emails are greatly appreciated,
and I thank you!

Don't take a person or a single moment for granted.
Live and love long and hard.
….and don't forget to check your boobs!

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

Love all that you are knitting. I love the color of the Elite alpaca. I am suddenly in love with brown and purple. Where did that come from? LOL! Mag's hat is so adorable and the colors are so happy. Okay, off to listen to podcasts and follow the links. The "girls" are going in tomorrow. :)

Connie Rose said...

Wow, you've been busy!! How fab, a yarn CSA...what a wonderful idea. Have a great week, my friend! xoxo

Ginny Huber said...

Hi Judy: Am a great appreciator of all your knitting projects; that sweater will look great on Charlie when it gets over his head with the new stretch band!! and the variety of things you are working on..wow.. I have found a lead through your Foxfire Fiber link to the CSA adventure-I'm always interested in wonderful sources for roving that felt makers and dyers can use.. so glad you are feeling well, and are recovering and "resting" in your own special way

deanna7trees said...

this post is chock full of beauties. love Charlie's blue sweater. will have to come back here and read all this more carefully later. take care.

Carol said...

What a lovely, happy, post! You are certainly not letting your hands become idle, are you? Such good news. Everything you make looks good to me; and now I'm off to look at your utube video of your exhibition! xox

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

What a dynamo you are! So many wonderful projects you have been working on... love them all! Looking forward to hearing that the drains are out and you are back at the gym... soon, I hope!

Peggy said...

Wow, you're really cooking, Judy! So glad you're feeling good and thank you for all the links and ideas here. Love that acorn/chocolate kiss hat for the girlie. xo

Maggi said...

You're really knitting up a storm here. Glad that you can be productive even if you can't screen print.