Saturday, March 15, 2014

I've Been Attacked!

Remember me?????
I'm the one who used to blog all the time!
I think my body and mind have been taken over 
by aliens.
I'm not sure just who I am anymore.
The person who now inhabits my body
likes to clean out drawers, closets, and cubbyholes!
She also likes to finish things!
Who is she anyway?????

We had 20+ folks for a potluck dinner the other evening,
and it was grand!
The weather couldn't have been nicer.
It was so warm many of us enjoyed for d'oeuvres
and/or dinner on our patios.
The wonderful sunflower up above 
was part of the bouquets I had on the tables.
I wanted to thank a lot of the folks 
who had brought dinners after my surgery,
plus two of our friends are headed off to
Emory for medical treatments,
and I hoped that having a little party
would make them also 
'feel the love and support' of our great group!
So good luck to Joe and Jim
as they enter the skilled hands of Emory's 
very knowledgeable and professional environment.

As for finishing,
I managed to take these socks off of my needles the other evening!

Our weather is still chilly enough most mornings
to enjoy a warm pair of woolies on our feet.
In cleaning out my yarn stash,
I came across one finished Kellswater sock,
and yarn to knit it's companion.

The Kellswater is the blue one on the right.
The other sock is a vanilla afterthought heel,
in the Chocolate Melba Battenburg colorway.
The partner for the Fab Funky Fibre sock
also had not been started….

so, they are both sharing one long circular,
and will be finished at the same time!
I love the Kellswater design

It has these cute little cables running up the front,
and the nice diamond in between.
The cuff is also a bit different:

I know that I will love wearing these!

I'm also working on the second Mini-Bunny Loves

I love this pattern.
Susan makes adding the arms, ears, and feet
so very easy!
(She has a wonderful blog, often offering 
giveaways, and also podcasting occasionally.)
I can't wait to add the faces
AND of course the little cardigans.

I finished this darling hat for Maggie
a while back

and I have seen her wearing it!
That always makes me happy!!

I had stopped knitting on my Sycamore Vest
several months ago.
I was afraid that after blocking it
(as per pattern directions), it had stretched too much,
and it was not going to fit properly.
Dr. Sock made a house call yesterday afternoon
and reassured me that all was indeed well.
So, I seamed the shoulders,
picked up the required stitches around the neck,
and I'm back on track with it!

My Boyfriend Cardi is blocking as I write,
awaiting the addition of it's pockets,
is also blocking.  (Dr. Sock helped me 
add the blocking wires, as I'd never done that before!).
I think both of these will get a lot of use this Spring.
By the way, if you don't have a personal Dr. Sock,
you need to find one!  She gets me through the roughest of knitting spots!  I love my dear friend
Roberta, aka Dr. Sock!

So, that is what I'm up to!
I hope to get started sewing up my table runners from 
my marathon snow dyeing this next week.
They will be great additions to our 
Spring and Summer dining table.

I am through with my second week
of radiation treatments
(10 rounds down, only 23 to go!),
with no adverse effects noted.
I do get tired, but I think that is more a side effect
to my increased activity and the time change.

Hope you too have had loads of energy
and have put it to good use!

Thanks for popping in!

Peace and Best Wishes to You and Yours! 


Diana Angus said...

Sweet, sweet Judy. You have such a good heart!

deanna7trees said...

glad to hear and see all the activity going on at your place....2 different socks on the same needle...that's really something i'd never do. you are brave and so efficient. i do love that bunny and might have to check out that link.

Jeannie said...

Hey! When you run out of drawers and cubbies to clean, come on out! I've got many that need some attention. :) I love that cabled sock. The color reminds me of Montana skies. And, the bunny! I think Abel needs one for his first Easter. Take care and have fun! xoxo

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Busy Bee! My goodness, I'm amazed at all you are into! Love the socks, and the bunny is adorable! Can't wait to see your snow dye runners... thanks for catching us up on all your activities!

Connie Rose said...

Wow, look at all that cool stuff you've knitted up! Very impressive. Your party sounds like it was sheer delight. Glad things are going so well. As for blogging less, I'm all for that! Enjoy your YOU time. xoxo

Carol said...

I remember you! You're the amazing woman who can do anything! What a great post, such a delight! Love it all and wish I could have been at your pot luck dinner. Maybe one day... Keep on keeping on - you're a legend!

Connie said...

Hi Judy, your post is wonderful. The best thing that I got out of it, is that you are feeling great . . . and that is marvelous news. You have so much energy . . . Love the sun flower, love the socks, and love the rabbit. Your party sounded wonderful. I am so delighted that you are feeling so well :)
Happy St, Paddy's Day!
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Maggi said...

Love the rabbit and the hat. You really do have so much energy. Good for you.

Peggy said...

Well, be glad you've been taken over by someone who likes to clean and organize and finish things! Tell her to come visit me next. ;) xoxoxo