Friday, May 16, 2014

Knitting, Sewing & Dyeing

I finally finished the Sycamore Vest,
(designed by Hannah Fettig)
about three weeks ago.
By finished, I mean that I took photographs of it
and put them on my Ravelry page.
(I had already woven in all of the pesky ends,
blocked it, AND even worn it!)
Here are a few more pictures of it.

It was a fun knit,
and I learned a lot!

I've also completed sewing a lovely little dress
for our granddaughter Maggie.

It's called the Ice Cream Dress
and the pattern is from Oliver & S.
The link will take you to 
Fiddlehead Artisan Supply,
where I also purchased the adorable fabric.
I hadn't sewn a garment in quite some time,
and I was a bit hesitant,
but I'm thrilled with my results!
The pattern was very well written,
and the sewing provided some wonderful diversion for me.
I love the cute little neckline

and how the pockets mimic it

…..and here's the back:

The button is one of the many MOPs 
sent from Jeannie.
Thank you, Jeannie!
I can't wait to see Maggie in this dress!

I also finished these two mismatched socks

well, I still have to do the
afterthought heels,
but that won't take any time!

I'm almost finished with this adorable 
baby sweater:

more pics when it is completed
(I'm on the second sleeve now!)

And lastly,
I actually made it out to the dye studio
yesterday afternoon for a bit of
whoever would have thunk it!
Here's one of the pieces:

Any thoughts on what I should do with this?
It's cotton.
I love it….but it hasn't spoken to me yet.

Thanks for popping by.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

Well aren't you the busy little bumble bee! :) Your sweater is beautiful. It is like a ray of sunshine and I know it looks beautiful on you. Mag's dress - OMG! I want one just like it. It looks so comfortable and stylish. Those little touches at the neck and pocket really make it special. I hope she loves it. Your fabric is gorgeous. I kept thinking of peonies and poppies, but that is what is in the garden right now. With the red edge, I kept thinking "border print". There is something about summer and border prints. Have fun!!!

Martha said...

So many cheerful pretty pieces. Your hand-knitted pieces are so lovely. And I do like the ice cream dress. I've made it several times. One granddaughter wore hers out and called it *the sewing dress.* Good to see your post, Judy!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

How creative you have been, and what fabulous results! And if you don't find a solution for the fabric before July, I'm going to be posting on "And Then We Set it on Fire" about a Round Robin, solo style - using various surface design techniques to jazz up fabric. Maybe you could join in!

Maggi said...

The vest looks great, I'm nearly there but it's been a bit too hot for knitting lately. That is such a lovely dress too. Keep that fabric up on the wall, the inspiration will come.

Carol said...

Hey Judy, the vest is beautiful! As for Maggie's dress, another brilliant piece of work. Such a pretty style and fabric. You are obviously back at work/play, so good to see. xox