Friday, May 30, 2014

Just in case……..

you thought I was missing in action


you missed my FB post this AM,

I'll post it again here and now:

The berry best way I know to destem a strawberry is 
to stick a STRAW
through its middle
from the pointy bottom
to the tippity top stem:

It's amazing to me how the cute little stem
just pops off,
and the white pithy center remains
in the straw!

I must credit my dear hubster 
with this bit of info!

Thanks for popping in!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Be kind and sweet to whomever you meet!


Gerrie said...

Well, shoot, now I have to go buy straws with a pointy end.


Carol said...

Our strawberries rarely get as far as this. either the children eat them straight from the garden or the possums get them. We've had a very warm autumn and the first couple of days of winter are also warm. The citrus in our orchard has been decimated by those large white sulphur-crested cockatoos - they pick and taste each piece of fruit then throw it away, either in the orchard or sometimes they take it next door and drop it into the preschool garden. So, no lemons, mandarins or oranges for us it seems. And no guavas because the flying foxes (fruit bats) have already stripped that tree. It's a jungle here...

Maggi said...

Such a great tip. Far less messy than trying with fingers!

Cas Holmes said...

I like messy fingers