Saturday, June 07, 2014

Knitting, Eating & Sewing my way through Atlanta!

Life is crazy busy around these parts….
as I'm sure it is for you in your corner of the world as well!
I try to get out to garden early in the morning,
when it's still cool,
but that doesn't always happen.
I take a midmorning exercise class at the gym,
which I adore…..
and then it's home to be creative in one form or another….
or spend precious time with my grand cherubs,
or whatever else calls my name!

Life is good….
and I am certainly NOT complaining!

I finally have a pic of Maggie in her 
Ice Cream Dress (see 2 posts ago):

pardon the pink leggings - we were just trying it on for size!
At 18 months, she doesn't pose for pictures!
But the dress is a big hit!!
…..and I so enjoyed making it for her!

I am having a blast working on a very small piece

lots of hand stitching using my hand-dyed flosses
 on this one.
You may detect a slight Cas Holmes influence here!
Makes me smile!

I have three projects going in my knitting bag 
at the present.
The most exciting one is
Hannah Fettig's Lineal Cardigan,
a pattern from her Knitbot Linen book.

It's slow-going on this beautiful Quinceandco linen yarn
on size 3 needles,
but I just love it!
I wish I could devote all of my time to it!

We are in the process of eating our way through Atlanta
this weekend!!  LOL
Last night we enjoyed the fabulous
Lobster and Scallop Tacos at our favorite Metrofresh.
Mitchell told us that he is thinking of 
making every Friday night Taco Night this summer.
Works for me!!
This morning we trekked down to
in Grant Park.
I enjoyed a fruit galette and an iced chai latte,
while C had a ham and cheese croissant and coffee.

My most recent listening pleasures:
While gardening, I often enjoy the peace and quiet
of our yard, listening to the buzzing of the bees, and the
calling of the birds.  But when my neighbors' blowers
 and weed eaters begin to whine, 
I turn on Audible and listen to books.
Lately I've enjoyed: 
Sue Monk Kidd's new book "The Invention of Wings", 
Elizabeth Warrens "A Fighting Chance", 
Christine Kline's "Orphan Train", 
and I'm almost finished with
Cheryl Strayed's "Wild"
I'm also enjoying reading "Knitting Yarns",
a gift from dear Jeannie.
I would highly recommend ALL of these.
What have you been reading???

We went to see "Cowgirls"
at the Horizon Theater this afternoon.
What a GREAT show!
It runs through June 29th,
so there's still time for you to see it!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours.


Jeannie said...

Maggie looks adorable in her new dress. I am so glad she likes it. Your little piece is so interesting. I like the lace insert winding its way along. You are a knitting wonder. I bow to your greatness. LOL! I am glad you liked Kidd's latest book. It is on my list and I was hesitant since authors tend to get formulaic. Have fun dining! The tacos sound delish. xoxo

Ginny Huber said...

Hi Judy: Maggie's dress (and Maggie) are inspiring.. as are as usual all your very many projects.. I can't see that I am going to add knitting to my bag of tricks" this go 'round..but I sure do like seeing what others do;and i've been also icing what rings my chimes, as especially fine process when the weather is cooperative for plants and people!

Carol said...

Such a lovely photo of Maggie in her adorable dress. And she'd fit right in here with the pink leggings, they are the fashion with our girls. Great knitting of course, making me envious. Sophia has just done some knitting, cast on about 15 stitches, cast off about 60 - all quite accidentally added but she didn't mind at all. And your little beautiful piece you are sewing is quite scrumptious! xox