Thursday, November 13, 2014

In a Tangle

In a Tangle is a pretty apt name for this post and my life of late!
I had a bit of minor surgery six days ago,
and it's taking more time than I would like for my body to recover.
So, all of those things that I planned to do this week
are a bit mushed together, making me anxious.

I like life much better when it looks 
neat and tidy like this:

After I finally wound up that nasty, knotty skein of Perle Coton,
I got busy on Painted Buckeye again.

This block may be just about finished,
and now that I've finally figured out where I'm going with the entire piece,
it shouldn't take much longer - if I can find some free time!

and it makes a lot of sense to me.
I realize that I need to show up 'on the job' every single day -
but I don't always have that luxury.
Today I did and the work was fruitful and very satisfying.

When I did not have the energy to 'show up' earlier in the week,
I sat in my chair, looking at our beautiful lake
and the changing leaves,
and I knit.
That is always satisfying to me!

Our grandson Charlie's birthday is coming up very soon,
and with crochet help from my friend Roberta (for the eyes),
I have finally finished his 'froggy' hat.
I think he will love it!

I also finished these butterfly mitts for his sister Maggie,
whose birthday falls in early December.

For some unknown reason, 
when I arrived home from the hospital,
I thought it would be a splendid idea to begin knitting these lovely fingerless mitts:

I'd had the yarn (yummy Malabrigo) and the pattern (Verdure by Alana Dakos)
for over a year, and I just couldn't wait one more minute to cast on!
I love listening to Alana's podcasts.
She sounds so very, very sweet,
but while I was trying to follow her graph for this mitt,
she turned into the devil!  LOL
just kidding - really!
remember, there was anesthesia involved!!
While I did finish the left mitt (without any mistakes!!),
I've yet to cast on its companion.

......and here's why:

while still under the influence of the afore-mentioned  anesthesia,
I flipped through one of my favorite catalogues,
chock-full of Christmas gifts.
Handknit Advent Stockings caught my eye.
They piqued my interest: $79.00!!!
"Why", thought I, "I can make those myself
and they will be soooooo cute!....
and cost lots less too!"
Charlie & Maggie will love opening a new sock every day!

Did I realize that there are 24 days in Advent?
I think so.
Did I know that the red and green yarns (not to mention the white)
in my stash were not Christmassy enough for me,
so I had to go to my favorite local yarn shop to make a purchase,
which also included more needles?

Our daughter said that she knew the grandkids would love the socks,
but "Once you come out of your anesthesia high Mom,
don't feel badly if you decide this project is too overwhelming."

So, here it is November 13th:

I've actually finished two more and another two 
almost finished - well, almost halfway finished!
I do love them though!

The Japanese Maples are gorgeous right now.
This one is just outside of our livingroom,
between the house and the lake,
so it smacks you in the eye everytime you enter the room.

We have three in our yard:
two red and a cut-leaf variety near the front door
that is a brilliant orange.
Ah, Autumn!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours!


Gerrie said...

The buckeye is gorgeous. And lucky Charlie to have that Froggie hat. And what in the world were you doing in the hospital for surgery without letting me know?????


Ginny Huber said...

Hi JudY; Keep being "Smacked in the eye" by the glorious maples and fed and satisfied by your splendid projects..Hope that the anesthesia has now worn off along with any pain that was tagging along..Neat and Tidy -ah yes..that would be great..
Hugs from here..

Mary said...

24 stockings? Eek. Love the froggie hat, and the fingerless mittens!