Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Where to begin.....

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words,
so I will let the following images do most of the talking.

I am well, and hope that you are too!
We've been experiencing some crazy weather:
bitterly cold for a few days and then unseasonably warm 
(like today).
I don't know what to think of it, 
so I'm sure the outdoor vegetation doesn't either.

We're in the midst of celebrations:
grandchildren's birthdays and the holidays.
It's a busy time.
I'm trying to find spare time to feed my inner soul with my art.

Below is a closeup shot of a scarf that I've just finished dyeing.
I love it!
It's a silk/cotton blend and took the colors beautifully.

here's another shot of it:

C and I were invited to attend Grandparents' Day at 
Charlie's school.
What an honor!!
His class sang "You are my sunshine" on stage,
hence his sunshine hat.
There was a book fair that followed,
so we had fun exploring new books with him....
and of course we came home with a bundle!

I actually DID complete all 24 of the Advent Stockings
in time for December 1st!
....and I enjoyed it too!

I learned a lot and got to practice many things:
toe-up socks, afterthought heels, stranded color work, etc.

I'm working on several needle-felted bags,
and hope to complete a few this week.
Here's an example of what's happening:

I love the process...just need to find the time!

I completed the butterfly hat for Maggie's birthday -
just in time, as her party is this coming Saturday.
It's really cute, don't you think?
I cannot believe she will be two already!
Slow down, Maggie!!!

Speaking of knitting,
I also finished my Banana Leaf Shawl today.
It's about time, since I cast-on in August!

We enjoyed lunch at Souper Jenny in Decatur last Saturday.
This was framed and hanging on the wall.
It is wonderful:

remember: only one to a customer!

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours!


deanna7trees said...

love all your knitting and the scarf is gorgeous. it's good to be busy and happy. enjoy.

Jackie said...


You are truly amazing! I love all of your work. It sounds like you are doing great. Thanks for posting your beautiful work of art. Happy holidays to all of you. Aren't grandkids the best?
Jackie Stephens

Jeannie said...

Oh my!!! You have been busy! I am so glad you finished the socks in time. They will be a treasured tradition for years to come. (I still have my advent calendar circa 1957.) I am swooning over the scarf. Wow, it looks like it was woven, the circles are so perfect. Love your banana scarf, too. Mag's hat - adorable!!! I can't believe it has been 2 years. Have a fabulous week. I'm sending this bitter cold air your way. ;)

Ginny Huber said...

Gorgeous scarf!! And am always inspired by your many lovely and practical knitting projects and your creativity. Happy Birthday to Maggie!

Maggi said...

So many lovely things - where do I start? The scarf is just wonderful as are all the rest of the knitted items and I love what you are doing with the needle felting.

I do hope that Maggie enjoys her birthday; she should be able to appreciate it more than last year. It certainly would be nice if we could slow them down a little, my cousin's granddaughter turned four at the end of September - where did those years go??

Love Charlie's sunshine hat.

Shirley Metcalf said...

Busy woman... talented artist... caring grandmom! Wow. Love the scarf!

Shirley Metcalf said...

Amazing artist... caring mom... busy woman! Love the scarf and all your knitting!

Martha said...

Peace to you, too, Judy. It is always such day-brightener to see your posts. I love the colors of each project. And you look lovely! Martha

Carol said...

You DO look lovely Judy! So great to see. So many wonderful things you've made, you're one talented lady. Isn't it wonderful to be able to go to Grandparent Day? Charlie looks delighted to have you and C there. Maggie is now 2! Wow, time whizzes by... They grow up so quickly and each stage is just amazing. xox