Monday, March 02, 2015

Lining Up

My buddies and I from
decided to stimulate our creative spirit by doing periodic challenges.
There are only three parameters:
the piece must measure 12 x 12",
be completed during the six weeks between our meetings,
and must follow the theme we have chosen.
Our first challenge involves working with
the line.
I was happy with the topic,
as it coincided nicely with work 
that I had wanted to explore on my own.
My personal challenge is to produce a Lenten piece,
which allows me quiet, contemplative time
during this 40 day period.
Below is a sneak peek of my piece:

The big reveal of the ABTS challenge is tomorrow,
so be sure to check out our FB page
to see other group members' pieces,
and the rest of my 12" square.

I'm pleased to share with you my latest finished piece,
"Painted Buckeye".
I finally got it backed, quilted, and faced.
It measures 35 x 35",
and it taught me a tremendous amount.

I'm finishing up my Photoshop Essentials class with the Pixeladies,
which has been fantastic.
The classwork over the past couple of weeks 
has been quite time-consuming for me,
 and I am struggling right now with a couple of last assignments.
That said, both Deb and Kris are great about helping:
they are just a click away online.
I hope to get a lot learned and digested this afternoon.
I see that their next session doesn't begin until June,
so I'm really glad I took the class when I did.
I highly recommend it.

I'm knitting away in the evenings
and have almost finished my lovely 
9" more on the sleeves, and it'll be ready to sew up!
The yarn is a delight to work with,
and the pattern is a breeze.

I'll close with a picture of our duck, Whitey.

You may remember her from last summer,
when she first introduced herself to us,
and she was indeed all white.
Whitey molted early last Fall, 
becoming a lovely taupe tan mix of feathers, 
and for a while would have nothing to do with us.
Well, she is back and hungry as ever.
She greets us in the morning by pecking on our sliding glass doors,
and she proceeds to do this many more times throughout the day.
Now she has decided that our bird bath is a perfect place
to perch and watch us as we move about inside the house.
Never a dull moment around here!

Thanks for popping in

Peace to you and yours


Jeannie said...

Your Painted Buckey is beautiful. I love the color palette and the variety of scale. I will wait patiently (ha!) for the big reveal tomorrow. I have always loved ducks and Whitey is so pretty. Why do I only get stray cats? I'd much rather have a duck for a change. LOL! Peace

Maggi said...

Your stitching is looking good and I love Painted Buckeye - just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your ABTS reveal.

Whitey looks like she would like to move in.

Now back to the Pixeladies class. I do agree with you that it has been excellent.

Carol said...

Love the Painted Buckeye, Judy, it looks wonderful! Waiting now to see your Lenten piece. As usual, you seem to fill your days with more than seems possible, and you do it all with such style. And Whitey is back, that's a sensible duck! xox