Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surface Design Sampler Class with Lyric Kinard

I had a delightful break from our icy cold weather yesterday
with a Surface Design Class from Lyric Kinard.
Lyric lists this class as a Surface Design Sample Platter,
much as you might find on a restaurant menu.
It was fast-paced, in order that we cover many techniques
during the 6 hour class period.
I learned a tremendous amount,
and found her to be not only a fantastic teacher,
but also a delightful lady with a marvelous sense of humor.
It's no wonder she has won Teacher of the Year.

(a poor photo of Lyric, but you can see her marvelous teaching method -
everyone could see as she taught!)

We first carved stamps.
I've been carving stamps for eons,
but was amazed to learn some fantastic tips,
and put them to good use.

Next we made snowflakes from freezer paper
and painted them onto fabric.

We also used printed with Thermofax screens

and made CitraSolve prints.

I'd never been very successful with this technique,
so that alone was worth the price of admission.

Lyric concluded with a nice long session on beading.
I'd not taken a beading class before
so my technique was self-taught.
It was very helpful to learn from a pro.
Maybe someday I can  produce something like this:

In the meantime, I've been doing my fair share of knitting,
and ordering yarn.
Here's a new (to me) Crazy Zauberball,
which I plan to knit into a shawl.
More about that when it gets on my needles.

And of course, more sock yarn.....
just in case my supply ever runs low.

There's nothing quite like slipping on a pair of
 my handknit socks on these cold winter days.

My Pixeladies online Photoshop Elements class
continues to move along.
I am learning so very, very much!
I turned this snow-dyed piece 

into this:

and added a few little captions to a family photo

Our ice storm was not very pleasant.
We lost power for about 24 hours,
which wasn't bad considering many of our friends
 were without for 48 to 72.
We were greeted with this sight on our patio
when we got up Tuesday morning:

fortunately we only lost one chair and table on our patio - 
it could have been our roof!

Stay safe and warm.....
and thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours.


Merrilee Tieche said...

You're doing such wonderful things - with surface design, Photoshop and those knitting needles! Keep up the good work!

Martha said...

Wasn't that class fun? I love seeing your carved stamp. How did I miss that??? I am a newbie to carving. Hope I can remember everything. Maybe I should just hope to remember something. Oh, and I love your knits. They are so you and so gorgeous. Almost makes me want to learn to knit.

Beth said...

I agree that Lyric is lovely and fun and what great skills to learn as well. When you showed the ice damage photo my initial response was, "Holy Cow! What a view!". Hope the clean up wasn't terrible. Glad you are OK!!

Jeannie said...

What a fun winter break! Your stamps and prints are wonderful.I have Lyric's dvds and they are some of my favorites. She is the kind of person you sense you'd like to have over for a play date. Love that big ball of yarn. The photo of C and the cherubs is so adorable. Keep having fun! xoxo

Carol said...

Hello lovely Judy, what a great class that must have been. So much to take in. I love your carved stamp too, and the prints you made from it. I was sorry to see the damage from the ice storm. However, as you say, you were lucky that the house wasn't damaged. Stay warm, my dear. xxx