Monday, June 15, 2015

What goes around, comes around

I was listening to Yarns at YinHoo, one of my favorite podcasts, a few weeks back
and Sarah, the host, mentioned that she was enjoying a book about embroidery.
I was intrigued.
Sarah was also taking one of Ringquist's classes on Creativebug.
I researched all of this and promptly purchased the book.
Then I signed up for a couple of Ringquist's classes on Creativebug.
I have been embroidering off and on all of my life.
My earliest recollections is at about age five,
so that is a good sixty years ago.
I also used to be a card-carrying member of the Embroiderer's Guild of America.
 I had never heard of several of the advanced stitches Ringquist teaches.
Can I tell you I'm in love????
Yes, I am!
Move over knitting, I'm picking embroidery back up again!

The nice thing is, I am incorporating all of these stitches into
silk backgrounds that I have dyed,
stitching primarily with threads that I have also dyed.
Several years ago my friend Joan was cleaning out her closets,
and I became the lucky recipient of several boxes of
DMC floss, perle coton, and Au Ver A Soie silk.
Now I'm thankful that I'm a packrat!
So, if I need a specific color in a hurry,
I have my and Joan's thread stash to fall back on and can stitch almost immediately.

Pictured above is my trial piece - just a piece of hand-dyed crepe de chine
upon which I am trying out new stitches.
Below is a piece that I'm calling Yellow Bird.
She is coming right along,
and I am enjoying adding new stitches and new threads
each day.

I am using a new-to-me product called Sulky Sticky Fabri- Solvy.
You can draw on it, print on it with your printer, peel off the backing and apply it to fabric,
embroider over your lines, and then swish it around in some water,
and pooof(!) the Solvy disappears.
Here is a close-up of Yellow Bird when the Solvy was still on my silk:

I love how her wing came out:

I had purchased the 'bigger' threads from an indy dyer in England
(not my buddy Maggi Birchenough, but someone whose name 
I cannot recall), and they were just screaming out to be used
on Yellow Bird.  I couched them down using some of my own
hand-dyed variegated floss (you can see bits of yellow and blue
couching threads).

Now I'm adding some raised needle weaving:

I apologize for the blurred photo.

It's really a fun and relaxing process.

But, I am still knitting, 
don't let me kid you.
Such an idle threat from a big talker!
I finished this adorable little Baby Tea Leaves cardigan
for our soon-to-be born grandchild.
I am waiting until it is born and we know its gender
 to add the buttons.

The pattern is very easy and really quite sweet.
You can find it here.
One of the things I like best about this pattern is
that it is written in various sizes, so I can make one for myself
and also one for Mags.

Since I finished that sweater yesterday,
I have allowed myself to cast on a top for myself.
I had purchased the yarn in the early Spring when I first saw it
at my local yarn shop and knew that it would be snapped up soon,
so I had to have it!
Here is the knitting book.
This is the top I am knitting:

It shouldn't take me long,
and as warm as our Autumns are here,
I expect to be wearing it up into October.

Here is my yarn:

It is basically black with bits of cinnamon or copper running through it.
The yarn is very interesting.
It is a blend of 15% silk, 15% cashmere, 30% viscose, and 40% polyamide.
It is tubular, so there is no worry of it splitting,
and it is bulky weight, so it knits up fast.
I've finished the ribbing on the back and am now working my way up.

Sorry I am so long between posts.
Life is flying by, and I'm hanging on and enjoying the ride.
I get out in my kayak at least one morning a week.
Here are a few of the friends I've met recently:

Thanks so much for stopping by.

See you soon, I hope!


Jeannie said...

I was just telling Carl this morning that I am tired of doing chores and need something fun to do that doesn't involve movement until it cools. Then your post pops up!!! Talk about timely. I am ordering the book and it will arrive while Carl is gone for a week. Yep, me in my pjs stitching, no cooking, no chores, just indulging myself. Thanks! LOL! I am in love with the top you are knitting. I think it is something that even I could do. Of course, the photos of your water adventure just make me want to get a kayak and get out on the water. I think this fall, I will rent one and see how it goes. By then the boaters and water motorcycles will be put away and I can enjoy the peace and quiet. Have a wonderful week and thanks for all the inspiration. xoxo

Maggi said...

Such gorgeous embroidery. The variegated threads just glow. It was through my embroidery that I got into quilting - long story that i'll tell you about some time. The baby jacket is a lovely colour and i like the yarn that you are using for the new top.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I just dove back into my embroidery stash to add embellishments to a fabric collage I am working on, ala Cris Winter on the "And then we set it on Fire" blog! I used to do a lot of embroidery pictures, but got away from it. I will have to check out the book and class you mentioned. Always new things to try, aren't there? Glad you are enjoying your summer, and I love your friends in the pictures!

Carol said...

I'm loving your new embroidery, Judy, and the colours are very pretty. As for your knitting, I'm always in awe. You apologise for not blogging for a while - I've now hit a six month drought and I don't know how to get back. I'm always delighted when your new posts appear in my emails, just as I love your fb photos. xox