Monday, July 06, 2015

Piece by Piece

Been away for a while!
Hope you haven't dropped me as your friend.
We spent a week here in this lovely cabin on Squam Lake.
The weather was fairly outstanding and the company was delightful.
There was sailing to be done,

babies to be tended to,

stories to be read after bath time and before and after dinner,

....and ice cream to be eaten.

It was a magical week for all,
and we cannot wait to return next summer, 
with our newest little family member!

Now that we're home, I'm settling into a great routine.
I've been thinking about making a quilt for Maggie
for several months,
mulling over my options.
The other day I pulled out several of my older quilting books,
and two in particular caught my eye.
Freddy Moran has always been one of my favorite quilters,
and I've been very fortunate to have taken several classes from her over the years.
Her sense of color is so exciting to me,
and to many others, I dare say.
Just Google her, if you don't know about her,
and you'll see exactly what I mean.

When I first began dyeing fabric,
my sole purpose was to dye my own fabric
for my own quilts.
Somehow this all got out of hand,
but here I am back, literally, at square one!
I'm dyeing cottons in Maggie's favorite colors
(and sometimes a few unexpected colors to boot!)
and then piecing them.
I've come just about full circle,
but for me right now, this is bliss....
and I'm all about happiness in this crazy life of mine.
Here are a few of the blocks I've constructed 
in the last few days:

oooooops: I see a mistake here - can you spot it?
will have to fix that!

I know my points aren't exactly exact, but I do not have a problem with that!

Freddy makes some outrageous stars,
so I'm thinking about adding some of these 
to Maggie's quilt as well.
After all, she is one bright and shiny light in my life!

I finished my last knitting project while we were away,
and so have embarked on another new one.
It is the Sandy sweater,
a design by Hannah Fettig.
I'm knitting it in Quince and Co's Owl,
which is a delight - so soft and squishy!

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a fun week at Rockywold and that the weather was nice for you. I love the colors you've chosen for Maggie's quilt. I see you're making one after all. We had the grandkids in town for a couple of weeks--always fun. We have to Skype soon! xxoo sil

Carol said...

What a beautiful spot for a holiday, Judy! No wonder you all had such a lovely time. The photos of the children are charming. I love the colours in Maggie's quilt! Such a lucky girl to have such a clever grand mother! xxx

Jeannie said...

The Lake looks so beautiful, serene, and blue! I love Freddie Moran. Her quilts always hit me as happiness in cloth. Mag's will love the one you are making for her and the error?, just think of it as a where's Waldo puzzle. LOL! Have a fantastic week!

Connie Rose said...

Looks like you've been having yourself a helluva summer so far! I'm still here following you (although I've ditched FB for all intents and purposes), but I've been fairly wordless lately. Love the work you've been doing! Have a great rest of the season. xoxo

Maggi said...

What a beautiful place to stay, no wonder you have such a good time there. The butterflies look great, as does the star. Love the Hannah Fettig sweater too, I may be tempted!