Thursday, July 23, 2015

200 Days of Dyeing & Doing

OK, so I've been thinking about a challenge for myself.
Recently I learned about the artist Sonya Philip,
and was intrigued by her "100 Acts of Sewing",
in which she created 100 original dresses over the space of a year.
They are really cool, and you need to go check them out.
I wouldn't even dream of setting such a lofty goal for myself,
but I thought I could easily (and happily) dye 100 pieces of fabric
in a year.
Nah.....that would be too easy, and oh so much fun!
So, then I thought, well, I'll raise the bar to 200.
Perhaps that's a bit more of a challenge,
while still being enormously fun.....
plus stash-busting for sure!
I'm going to limit this to ice-dyeing,
which will be far easier during the colder months.
But then I thought I needed to make it even more of a challenge,
so I've decided to not only do a bit of dyeing each of these 200 days,
but also a bit of sewing.
Since I'm working on a quilt for our granddaughter Maggie right now.
That will be my primary 'doing'.

I'm posting this, so that you all can keep me honest and on track!

Today, July 23, 2015 is Day One of my 200 Days.
So, I must complete the challenge by July 23, 2016.

Above you will see today's silk in it's frozen ice bath.
I will show results tomorrow.....perhaps I won't be so wordy most days.
Here is the product of yesterday's ice dye bath:

This is a Furoshiki, carrying a wine bag,
to our lovely friends who have invited us to dinner this evening.

And here is my sewing for today:

So, my part is to do the dyeing & doing;
and your part is to keep me honest!

Thanks for coming by!

See you tomorrow!


komodori said...

Good for you! What a great way to encourage growth! XR

Maggi said...

Look forward to keeping you on track. I love the Furoshiki and Maggie's quilt is going to be so beautiful. I wonder if Charlie will want one too when he sees it?