Sunday, August 02, 2015

Day 11

 my first attempt at dyeing silk using the Pro Chem suggested concentrates:

the colors are quite weak, so I will add more dye concentrate to today's silk

here's a detail shot:

and here is my block for today

I had a wonderful paddle in my kayak this morning.  Our temps finally dropped down into
the 60's overnight, and the humidity was low.  Delightful.
I saw a Great Crested Flycatcher and an Eastern Phoebe.

the flycatcher is right in the middle of the picture - hope you can see him!
I think the picture will enlarge if you give it a click

here's the Phoebe:

Below, you can see them together.  The Phoebe, who is a member of the Flycatcher family,
is busy catching a fly, while the Flycatcher appears to be taking notes on just how it's done.

When I got back home, my husband said I needed to take some pictures of the 
hummingbirds on our Cardinal Flowers in the garden:

here's one more shot, while the little guy was taking a break:

thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

What a wonderful paddle you had! We have Phoebes, too and I love to listen to them talk to each other. Wonderful photos of the hummer. Quick little guys that are so hard to photograph. The hummers have been busy here as well. This morning there were 4 in the yard and Carl saw a baby! I knew there was a pair, so I am looking forward to doing some nest hunting this winter to see where they lived. It is really odd for us to have hummers all summer. They tend to leave when the heat hits. As always, your silk is beautiful. Sometimes having pastels is good. I know I always go for the bright and then kick myself in the winter when I don't dye at the lack of lighter values in my stash. Have a fabulous week! Any baby news?

Maggi said...

Beautiful bird photos. I was so thrilled to see hummingbirds during my Oregon trip. Hadn't realised they were so tiny.