Monday, August 03, 2015

Day 12 of my 200 Days

So, as my little sign says, these are Day 12's blocks.
You may notice that I've switched from making butterflies
to assembling stars - and wonky stars at that.
They are loads and loads of fun.

Here's how my design wall of blocks looks:

It's pretty amazing how it's coming along, just by
focusing on completing one single block each day.  
I am seriously considering sewing sashing between the butterfly blocks.
Otherwise, they all sort of fun together and it's difficult to tell
just what they are.
I purchased some wonderful Kaffe Fassett polka dotted fabric 
at Intown Quilters, when I was last there,
and I think it will be just perfect in this quilt for little Maggie.

On another note,
here's yesterday's dye job:

The Pro Chem dye concentrate formula works well on cotton,
but on silks....not so much.
I have retreated to my good old seat-of-the-pants 
sprinkling of dye powders directly onto the ice
and then refrigerating it.....
in my dye studio fridge, NOT in the house!
So, tomorrow we will all see how well today's silk dyed.

.........and still, we have no grand cherub.


thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Really like yesterday's dye colors. And this thing you're doing with the slow melt - I think it has a lot of merit. Everyone else says room temperature, and sure, that does take awhile for the melt to complete, but slowing it down even more... I think I want to try that.

That's going to be one bright and happy quilt, btw. Thanks for showing all the blocks so far. I think you are right about needing to separate out the butterfly blocks somehow.

Maggi said...

Those blocks are gorgeous and sashing would be a good idea. What on earth is that baby waiting for??