Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Day 13 of my 200 Days: OOOOO LA LA!

Finally: getting back into the nice brilliant colors that I so adore!
I know that I can overdye the pastels, if I so desire,
but it is reassuring to realize that my earliest attempts at brights 
were not just a fluke.

Here's a detail shot:

I'm not entirely sure why the turquoise, which is really quite vibrant,
has shown up as almost white in both shots, but trust me,
it's nearly electric.

Two more star blocks for my little star, Maggie:

I have a real passion for carving stamps, but I often don't allow myself
time in the day to do it.  It's almost too decadent, or something.
.....go figure......!
But yesterday and today, I've enjoyed a bit of carving.
I had sketched this butterfly several months ago,
and finally had made time to carve it.

I like the lighter version better:

I took the easy way out with the ones below and simply traced
(which I absolutely love, by the way)

I was coming along famously with the knitting of my 
Lilli Pilli Wrap, when last night I sadly spied that I had dropped a stitch

Don't know if you can see it, but I've attached a little stitch marker
so that the stitch wouldn't run away.
This afternoon I removed my knitting from the needle
and ripped back the five or so rows
(that is a bold move for me!)

look at all of those live stitches, just waiting to run off somewhere evil!

and was able to get all 135 of my stitches back on target.
So I hope to get a few rows done tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.

peace to you and yours

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