Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 26: Over-Dyeing

Day 11's Furoshiki, as seen above,
wasn't quite as vibrant as I'd hoped for,
so yesterday I got out the old castrating tool and my can of marbles,
and got busy.  
I had gotten such excellent results using the castrating tool, marbles, and rubber bands on cotton
so I was excited to see what would happen with this piece of silk.
Unfortunately, it has been raining all day, so I couldn't get a shot outside.
The results are less than stellar.

Only that one spot was resisted by the rubber band,
and I must have applied at least 20.
But there is some nice mottled coloring,
which I hope you can see.

I think the 'problem' is that the cotton is much sturdier than the silk habotai,
so it was better able to resist the dye.
Perhaps a heavier silk would work better? 

Here is my butterfly block for today:

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1 comment:

Carol said...

Love your use of the castrating tool, even though this time it didn't work so well. But, as you say, there are nice mottlings. I think everything you do in this series is fantastic. Go, you good girl...