Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Day 45

today's ice dyeing involved a 35 x 35" silk habotai scarf

it looks far better in person!

the silk really has a depth to it, which I am afraid you cannot see

here's today's star block:

......and in case you think this is the same one as yesterday,
here are the two side-by-side:

I finished The Nightingale just a while ago.
The ending wasn't at all as I thought it would be.
If you read or listen to it, make sure you have a box of tissues
beside you for the last quarter of the book.
I would read it again.
She brings up so many interesting points about war, love, life, family, values,
and survival.

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Meg Fowler said...

Loved The Nightingale ! Actually, the whole book wasn't what I expected. And I did need that box of tissues ... not only at the end!

Still amazed that you are dying those gorgeous fabrics and making your blocks every day! Wow!!!