Monday, September 07, 2015

Day 44....thank you Beth!

I've been reading up on other peoples' ice dyeing processes,
and came across Beth Brandkamp's blog.
I used to read her all of the time, but then got out of the habit,
a few years ago.
If you have followed my link, you will see that she gives
very detailed instructions on how to get results like the one above,
or even better.  I'm very pleased with my first attempt,
and know that it's like eating potato chips...
you can't dye just one yard.
.....but then my husband asked: "What will you do with that?"

I've had a gazillion things to do on this US Labor Day Holiday,
so I opted for one of the easy star blocks

Books: Have you read The Nightingale?
I'm listening to it and find it very difficult to put down.

I had another lovely paddle in my kayak this morning.
How could anyone not love sights like this?

thanks for stopping by



The Idaho Beauty said...

Hmmm - pesky husbands and their totally irrelevant questions...


I have many of these "what will I do with this" one of a kind hand-dyes in my stash. While striking and beautiful, they often look so contrary to what I normally work with. Somehow, they tend to present themselves as THE ANSWER or THE INSPIRATION when I least expect it. And then I'm sure glad I have them on hand. But of course, you know this!

Off to check out Beth's directions...

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment and the thanks in your blog!! I have been having a ball with the ice dyeing this summer to the exclusion of almost all other dyeing!