Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 49

I took the day off yesterday
(more about that further down the page, so don't read too far if you don't want to know),
so I'm trying to make up for it today.
Above is a crepe de chine camisole that I purchased from Thai Silks years ago.
The sides come unseamed, I'm guessing so that the piece can be stretched and painted,
if the artist so desires.
Well, my desire was simply to ice dye this piece, and I did.
Here's the back:

It is tagged as a large, but I think it is more like a medium.
I'll let you know when I sew it up.
I love the colors.

Here's Maggie's star for today:

the non-violet fabric is more yellow than it shows here.

We drove down to Atlanta yesterday so that I could pick up three of mypieces which had been hanging 
in an summer-long show.
Since we were there, I ran into Intown Quilters and picked up more sashing fabrics for Maggie's quilt.

I'm not sure about the two end ones, but I have already used the middles
and know that they work well and make me very happy.

We rushed home because our grands and their parents were here in Gainesville
at INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids).
They love it there and always have a great time.
Maggie went into the dress-up room and came out with this adorable bunny costume

I'm not sure if it's the costume that is adorable, or the model!!
So guess who is making her a bunny costume for Halloween?
What fun!
I do love making costumes!

They came back to the house afterwards 
and Charlie had a great time climbing trees

Henry had a great time, just being Henry

at five weeks, he is smiling up a storm.
What little hair he has is strawberry blonde.
I'm smitten, once again.

A lovely cold front blew through yesterday afternoon.
It was a chilly 49 when I went out to paddle this morning.
I got across the lake and was greeted by my friend Ben.
He had caught this 9-1/2# large mouth bass....and didn't have a camera!

I snapped a bunch of pictures....and then he released it.
He is a good man.

My friend Carla purchased some of my snow-dyed fabric a few weeks ago.
She sent me these pictures this morning, taken before she went off to church in her new dress:

I'm really honored that she used my fabric.
Isn't she a fabulous model!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

So much good in this post, particularly that last dress! What a lovely way to showcase your fabric. She looks fabulous!

queenopearls said...

Wow, love the new dyed blouse, star and dress from your fabric. Lovely!!
What adorable children!!
I am trying to imagine 49 degrees. I'd like to feel 70 degrees. :) That's a bit further along in the calendar here.
Thanks for the great photos!
~ Christina

Carol said...

Your fabrics are just beautiful, Judy, and it's lovely to see them being made up into very wearable items. The children are gorgeous and you'll have to show photos of the bunny suit when made. Henry is adorable, of course...

Maggi said...

What a great post Judy. So good to see your fabrics being made up into stunning clothes. Can't wait to see Maggie's bunny outfit.