Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 50: A Milestone

As a bit of a celebration for making it one quarter of the way throughmy 200 day challenge, I'm treating us all to a panorama view of the row of
star blocks that I pieced today:

If you look ever so closely, you can make out the '50' above the 5th star block.

I'm particularly pleased with the way my ice-dyed silk turned out this afternoon:

this is a 14 x 72" silk charmeuse scarf.
Unfortunately you can see through bits of it against the fence posts......
but that's life.
I'm pleased with how well the turquoise dye took this time.
I'm learning and adjusting my technique as I go along.

Here are a few detail shots

....again, the breaks in the fence show lighter.

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Merrilee Tieche said...

Gosh, the first 5 days went by so quickly, and you've accomplished so much - the stars and flutterbys quilt is well on it's way and your dying techniques have soared! You are turning out such beautiful work!!!

Carol said...

Judy, the stars are beautiful - this will be a wonderful quilt. Your silk is magnificent. You just keep getting better and better - and cleverer and cleverer... I know, no such word, but it's what you are, anyway! xxx

queenopearls said...

Oh Judy, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The scarf is stunning! I adore the star blocks for sure... what a giddy good feeling. :) Thanks for sharing all your art and fun! :) I hope today is a grand kayaking day as well.
~ Christina

Margaret said...

I think this one is my new favorite. Its beautiful

Connie Rose said...

Your dyeing is to-dye-for! That quilt-to-be is looking pretty fabulous, too! xo

Maggi said...

When I first saw this I thought you had created those lighter rectangles with some kind of resist, I hadn't realised it was the fence showing through. It looks so effective.

Maggie will never get out from under that quilt, she will love it so much.