Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 52....You Gotta Love It!

I say this almost every day now, but truly, 
this is my favorite scarf so far.
I had a busy day in town today, 
so I got the ice-dyeing startedand then left it 
for about six hours 
(three hours longer than I had been previously).
I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw my results.
This is a 30 x 30" silk charmeuse scarf - lusciously soft 
and doing the happy dance with color.

Now I will bore you to tears with some detail shots

It was getting dark when I shot these photos,
so I'm sure the colors would look brighter earlier in the day.

Maggie's quilt continues to grow.
I spent what little spare time I had this morning 
piecing another row:

here's just a portion of my design wall

It's going to be fun joining all of those rows together. 

*** It's time for another giveaway - don't you think? ***
which day's scarf would you like to be given???
leave a comment and I'll think about it!

thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, today's scarf wouldn't be a bad one to win in a giveaway. ;-) It has so much more intricacy in the texturing than many that you do.

Carol said...

Wowsa, Judy, that's really a difficult choice to make. My favourite colours lately have been 39, 47, 48, 50 and now today's, 52. Number 52 is absolutely scrumptious but really, they all are. Maggie's quilt is coming on apace and those blocks are full of happiness. I'm so impressed with your ability to keep going day after day, but then, everything you are making is superb... xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'll take today's scarf, thank you. The quilt looks great. How much longer do you think it will take? xxoo sil

Anonymous said...

I'll take today's scarf, thank you. It's gorgeous. Plus the quilt is looking great. How much longer will it take you to finish it?? xxoo sil

Nancy S said...

They're all delicious but Day 47 - oh, Day 47 makes my heart sing!

queenopearls said...

Judy, I love the twinkling stars! So bright and joyful.. like the new scarf. :) all are fab. Each one is your favorite... I love that.
~ Christina

Meg Fowler said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Maggie's quilt and your dying adventures!!!

Has anyone else been getting your blog posts twice in their emails? That's been happening to me the last few days. Not that I'm complaining! Just wanted you to know that there may be a glitch in your sender.

Betsy at MPV Dolls said...

All of you posts have sooooo much cool stuff. Maggie's quilt is going to be quite an event when it's done. How big are the blocks?

Judy, I'd love to have today's scarf... It's my favorite colors.

Jeannie said...

Only one favorite? Not possible. I guess the top of my list of covets are todays and day 50, but they are all gorgeous. (Think I have the politician way of answering down? LOL!) Mag's quilt is so pretty. I am seriously thinking about a wonky star quilt for myself. I'd better get started since it is cuddle time on the couch season right around the corner. Have a fantastic weekend!

Maggi said...

All your scarves are my favourites but there is something so joyful about this one.