Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 51 - Spring in Fall

This reminds me so much of Spring -
looking up into the sky through trees
 that are wearing their brand new leaves.
I really love my reds, but this piece just makes me smile.

I joined another row of star blocks for Maggie today

There is such a feeling of accomplishment to actually have a few rows completed.

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Carol said...

Looks like our spring, Judy's. Very pretty. The stars are lovely, what a quilt this will be!

Alice Magorian said...

Hi - I am intrigued by the bright clear colors you get when you combine warm and cool colors in your ice dyes. I find that it's easy to get bright clear color when you are dying analogous colors, but harder when you mix contrasting colors - how did you get the fuchsia and the turquoise to each be so clear (with no gray areas - just some interesting purples) in the pink piece you did on day 50?

Judy said...

Hi Alice,
I don't find an email address for you, so I am answering you here in the comments. I hope you find this. I am not a chemist, I just play around with dyes, so I really don't have a scientific answer for you. My thought is that the ice slows down the dyeing process, so that each dye has time to strike on the silk. I have been dyeing silk for quite some time, and I've never gotten such bright, bold colors using traditional dyeing methods, unless I use the pure dye powders. I am now using lots of mixes and blends and every piece seems to come out as we would expect a cotton or rayon to do.
Thanks so much for leaving a comment.....and for reading my blog.

Maggi said...

Absolutely like looking up to the sky through the trees, so beautiful.