Monday, September 21, 2015

Day 56 - Because I Can

I am double posting today,
so that I can stay on track....and because I can!
I did a repeat dyeing of Day 52,
partly because it seemed to be everyone's favorite
and I wanted to see if I could duplicate the colors.
I can and I did.

I made 4 new star blocks for Maggie's quilt this afternoon,
and then joined them all together
in this row

I'm getting close to completing the block construction, I think.
I will measure tomorrow, and go from there.

thanks for stopping by



Carol said...

So pretty, Judy, and how clever to manage to repeat that glorious 52. The row of blocks for Maggie are a stunning colour, it's going to be gorgeous!

queenopearls said...

Beautiful cloth Judy! Look at those colors, aren't they wonderful?
And your star blocks... I adore the funky, jagged edges on some of the stars. Absolutely .. um... stellar. :) This quilt is going to incite all kinds of giddy good feelings. :) Thanks!!! ~ Christina

Maggi said...

Fantastic that you are able to reproduce a colour.