Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 57 - Repeating Day 50

Because we all seemed to like Day 50's scarf so much,
I decided to dye a second one.
I think I like this one even better.

I'm auditioning more blocks for Maggie's quilt.
I've always been partial to pinwheels, 
so I thought I would try out a few combinations.
Here's the first

as you can see, precision is not my high point...
I guess that's why I'm judyinthedyes
and not judyinthequilts

I've found a bunny costume for Maggie,
and was able to assemble the pattern pieces today.

I'm slowly but surely getting used to 
the downloadable patterns.
Do you like them?

And look at this:

Henry's Old Growth cardi is finished!
The buttons arrived in the mail the other day,
and I've finally found some free time
 to sew them onto the button band.

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aj said...

The cardigan is beautiful Judy, and the buttons suit the design so well too!

Precision not my strong point either (although yours doesn't look to be as bad as you think it is!)...I've recently started garment sewing and have decided that wonky seams will be popular one day!

Jeannie said...

Henry's cardigan is gorgeous! I love the buttons. Is Maggie going to notice if all your points don't match? I think she is going to be thrilled that Mimi made her a quilt. Love the bunny parts. I think maybe getting her out of the bunny suit might become a problem. She looked so cute in the photo the other day and it looked so comfortable.

Maggi said...

A gorgeous cardigan and I love the buttons.