Monday, October 05, 2015

Day 65

I wanted to try only yellow dyes...
so there you have it.
It always amazes me how dye powders can be labeled
some shade of yellow, but they are actually orange.
It can be quite irritating,
unless you've played with that powder in the past.

As Christina said, I am becoming the Pinwheel Wizard

I finished my Lilli Pilli Shawl the other day,
but need to weave in the ends and block it
before I show you a photograph.  I am immensely pleased with it!
The yarn (Mad Tosh Tosh Merino Light) is sooooo darned soft.

I belong to Laura Nelkin's Ravelry Group,
and many of us are knitting items that will be sent to
the refugees who will be spending the winter in Munich.
What a wonderful idea!
So, I am knitting some hats right now,
and may branch out and do a few pairs of mittens
or some scarves or cowls.
We shall see.

It was such an easy knit -
I started it Saturday evening and finished it up this morning.
Not bad, considering we spent most of yesterday 
with our grand cherubs.
Now I've cast on the Thorpe Hat

I love stranded knitting.
I'm quite a newby at it, so the challenge is quite fun.
This hat is interesting because it begins at the top and is knit
down to the brim.  
Both of these hat patterns are free Ravelry downloads.
What could be better?

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The Idaho Beauty said...

One could get seriously lost on that Ravelry site. Several people pointed me that direction when I was looking for ideas for a skein of alpaca yarn. Deary deary me - it's a wonder I ever came up for air!

As for "yellow" dyes, you are reminding me that I rather liked "golden yellow" probably because it was so warm and leaned toward orange, one of my favorite places to go. ;-)

Carol said...

Great hats Judy, and such a really good cause. I like your yellows, even if you're a bit miffed about the Orange notes.

queenopearls said...

Oh Judy, I've felt the same thing about "yellow" dyes. Whaaa? Orange? How did that get labeled "yellow"? Maybe if school buses are "yellow"! lol
Yes, you ARE the Pinwheel Wizard... I hear the song playing in my head now. :)
Enjoy the knitting and bless your heart for sharing your art!
~ Christina