Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Day 67........Sweet!

It's been a super spectacular day....
you know the kind when everything goes right.
You hit every light green,
you see sights that make your heart sing
(like the Great Blue Heron above, soaring in front of me
as I paddled my kayak this morning),
and when you sew, all of your seams are perfect.
I love days such as this...
but then I love them all,
even the worst of them.

I paddled almost smack dab into my friend
the Green Heron this morning

She is such a beautiful creature.
She flew along beside me for a while,
and we chatted.
I did most of the talking.

I buckled down and got a row of pinwheels sewn together
while enjoying a cup of tea.

this is just a portion of the row....
and it's not warped as it appears here

.....and my dyeing for the day 
is this lovely piece of cotton,
ice dyed with Pro Chem's "Leaf Green"

I'm smitten!

thanks for stopping by



The Idaho Beauty said...

I too am smitten with that dye-job. Seems so appropriate to the day you had. Love that heron too!

queenopearls said...

WOW Judy! Great shots of the herons! What a treat!:))) The green ice dyed fabric is spectacular. Yay for getting pinwheels put together. :) I am thrilled with and for you!!! Gotta love days like that... may they all be sparklicious! Rock on!!! :)) ~ Christina

Carol said...

What a wonderful day, Judy! Such excellent birds to see, your kayaking is a lovely activity. The pinwheels are looking good and the fabric is a most stunning piece. All round, a great day.