Friday, October 09, 2015

Day 69.....a new winner

The results of today's dyeing are above.
I've developed a new technique, 
which seems to be working well for me.
I set up my ice dyeing in the evening, after dinner,
and let the dye do its magic while I sleep.
The fabric is ready to be rinsed in the morning,
and there is very little dye remaining,
making the washout extremely quick.
On the piece above, I used four dyes:
 Golden Yellow, Chinese Red, Leaf Green, and Brightest Blue.
I'm very pleased with the results.
I may try the same blend on cotton this evening,
and see how it goes.

I spent most of today doing catch-up work,
after several busy days out and about.
I did manage to get the second pillow top for Henry sewn together.

The winner of my last giveaway was Betsy of MPV Dolls.
Perhaps she just dropped by for one visit and left a comment.
I don't know, but she never contacted me
with her snail mail address.
So I've redrawn the winner and she is
Christina from Queenopearls.
So, Christina, if you would please email me privately
with your mailing address
I will get your scarf in the mail to you.

thanks for stopping by

I hope you all have a great weekend



queenopearls said...

JUDY!!! OMS!!! (Oh My Stars!!!) I am so excited on so many levels!!!! I was so busy looking at your new scarf it took me a while to scroll down. :))) The scarf is the softest colors of autumn. I love that. And your new process makes so much sense. Doh! :)))) So delighted I am the winner. ::: insert early morning squeal here ::: The pillow looks so adorable and speaks to the love behind making it. :)))
thank you again!! SOOOO much! No just for the scarf but sharing all of your processes! ~ Christina

Carol said...

Christina's comment is delightful! And why wouldn't she be excited? A lovely giveaway, Judy. Your fabric is so softly beautiful, love those colours. You're really a master ice dyer!