Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 70

same dyes, but in cotton this time,
the colors are so much more vibrant.
this detail shot reminds me of a red carnation:

I finished Henry's second pillow this morning

the back:

I prefer to construct a 'flap back', so that the pillow form can easily be removed and the cover washed.

it has been raining a lot today

one of our Japanese maples is beginning to change color
ahhhhh: Fall!

here is my Lilli Pilli Wrap, as she is being blocked

if the weather clears tomorrow, I'll snap a picture outside

thanks for stopping by



Carol said...

Wow! I loved yesterday's silk, and now today you've produced this absolutely stunning piece in cotton. That carnation look is wonderful! As is the cushion...

The Idaho Beauty said...

Stellar dye job!

queenopearls said...

Judy, I opened a 2nd tab in Chrome so I could flip back and forth easily between yesterday's silk and today's cotton. Mind blowingly different. So muted and soft with the silk begging to hug you, while the cotton jumps up and kisses your eyes! :))
Oh my stars, Henry's pillow looks amazing! I adore your color and pattern choices. :) The envelope back is perfect. This pillow will be his favorite for many years to come. :)
Enjoy your beautiful fall colors!
~ Christina