Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 71

14 x 72" silk charmeuse scarf, 
ice dyed using the same dye powders
as in my two previous days

I am beginning to join rows in Maggie's quilt

I've decided to use the violet and blue polka dotted fabric 
between the rows,
in order to break them up and add a bit more color

My Lilli Pilli Wrap is now officially finished

It is quite long.
I cannot wait to wear it!

I finished the Thorpe hat,
which will go to the Knitting for Munich project

I love stranded knitting, 
and this was a quick and fun pattern in which to use it

thanks for stopping by



Jeannie said...

Your wrap is gorgeous! I love long wraps/shawls to cuddle in during the winter. Equally as gorgeous is the silk. My gosh, that is pretty. Mag's quilt makes me smile everytime you show photos. Such happy colors. Have a wonderful week!

queenopearls said...

Wow, Judy, I had no idea the Charmeuse would look like a love child of the previously dyed pieces. :) Marvelous.
Speaking of marvelous, your Lilli Pilli wrap is wonderful! I think a selfie is warranted. :) I know the beautiful hat is going to be appreciated beyond words.
The quilt is coming together and looks like magic in cloth. Wow!
Thanks so much!!! ~ Christina

Carol said...

All gorgeous, Judy, but your Lilli Pilli wrap is a stunner. It will be fabulous in winter!