Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 73

At the beginning of this past summer,
I was lucky enough to enroll in a 12-person
Artist's Way group that was forming at my church.
The sign-up was on a first come first serve basis,
and I got in just in the nick of time.
We have since finished our 12 weeks of class,
but we became such a cohesive group 
that we all wanted to stay together.
Now we meet monthly,
with two group members choosing an activity
 for the 2-hour evening get together.
I love carving stamps, so I suggested to Faye, my cohost, 
that we do that.
She found some wonderful tutorials online,
using adhesive-backed foam.
I became particularly enamored with this one
from Joggles.
I was playing around cutting out foam stamps this morning,
and you can see my results above.
Now, that was not what I had in mind when I suggested the activity.
I wanted to carve stamps,
but I have become addicted to this method.

I do carve a lot of stamps,
and I use Geninne Zlatkas' book,
as my go-to,
not so much for her motifs, but her carving directions.
Carving is such a peaceful craft -
very contemplative.
I love it.

I carved this butterfly stamp for Maggie's quilt

I don't do very much drawing, so this is my best job
and I think Maggie will like it.

Speaking of Maggie's quilt,
it's coming right along

I managed to get a couple more rows sewn together this afternoon.
My goal is to get them all joined up by the weekend.

Here's how it looks from our house this afternoon

a few trees across the lake are turning

thanks for stopping by



Lora Martin said...

Had to laugh with you about the carving stamps from traditional materials as opposed to making foam stamps. I find myself reaching for the foam more often now days and reusing those stamps most often! Love how Maggie's quilt us coming along.

queenopearls said...

Judy, your stamps are wonderful, the view fantastic and the group sounds like a lot of fun! :) enjoy!! Maggie's quilt is gorgeous! How big will it be? ~ Christina

Carol said...

I enjoyed the Joggles video, Judy, and I think the kids will enjoy having a go. I love your butterflies, and Maggie's quilt is looking great. Your lake is so beautiful, so serene, and I'm looking forward to the view as your trees colour. Your craft group sounds like a lot of fun, and so good to have like minded people to inspire and be inspired by.