Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 74

I became the very grateful recipient of some lovely
hem-stitched damask dinner napkins.
They had belonged to my dear departed sister-in-law Molly,
and her sister graciously sent them on to me.
I believe they had belonged to their mother.
 I love dyeing damask.
I tried some ice dyeing on one napkin,
and you can see the results above.
Here's a detail shot,
where you can see some of the beautiful damask weaving 

While the ice-dyeing is wonderful,
my results are not what I want for a particular project 
I have in mind,
so I will try again this evening.
Don't you just love damask?

I had a bit of free time this morning,
so I joined up another couple of rows of Maggie's quilt

It is coming right along.

With the days growing shorter (and cooler),
my kayaking mode is changing.
I'm wearing gloves, long pants, and even a light jacket
on my early morning travels around the lake.
This was my view at 7:30:

- pretty steamy -

The sun rising over the tree tops was sensational.

I met up with two beavers.
The first one surfaced right in front of my kayak,
then dove (no tail splashing), and came up right next to me -
I mean, right next to ME!
He then did the tail splash, which totally soaked me.
I didn't mind one bit, the experience was so fabulous.
Then his partner in crime came along,
not the least bit interested in me.
Isn't the water gorgeous, with the tree reflections in the ripples.
It was a great morning.

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Carol said...

Beavers! I'm so envious, Judy!

queenopearls said...

Hi Judy,
Wonderful patterns on the damask napkin(s) :)
The scenery combined with the the beaver visits is awesome. :) Chock full of giddy goodness! Which is what Maggie will feel when she gets this quilt! It looks wonderful!! Rock on !!! ~ Christina