Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 81

I finally began sewing the straight strip piecing 
for the sides of Maggie's quilt today.
It's been quite fun.

I cut all of the strips and then tossed them in this bag.
I just pick randomly from the bag...
so many surprises.

My ice dyeing for today:

a blend of fuchsia, grape, and boysenberry.
.....but there always seems to be a hydrangea blooming 
somewhere on the fabric!

I had a lovely paddle in my kayak at high noon
and came upon these two ducks,
which I couldn't readily identify.

We crossed paths several times 
and when I arrived home
they were on our shoreline.
I believe they are immature female 
Ring Necks....
just passing through

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.


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queenopearls said...

I love the colorful strips! :) Of course, I also really like the ice dyed piece. What wonderful sights during your paddle. Thank you for the vicarious trip! ~ Christina