Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 104: more castrations

.....well, not exactly more castrations, 
but I did use the castration tool 
and some rubber bands in order to get a few resist marks
on this Dharma dinner napkin

here are a couple of detail shots:

I sewed up what I hope are the remaining 10 strips
on the second side of Maggie's quilt

I had hoped to get it all sewn together this afternoon,
but then Thanksgiving got in the way.
I got all of my grocery shopping done,
so perhaps that will afford me a bit more time tomorrow????

thanks for stopping by
even if I did lure you in with the castration title!

I hope you and yours enjoy a happy Thanksgiving,
if you are celebrating.....and if I don't post again
before Thursday.



Maggi said...

I suspect that your title would have had any of your male readers running for the hills!

Carol said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving, Judy dear, have a wonderful time. Of course we don't have Thanksgiving here in Aus, but it sounds and looks like a beautiful celebration. Had to laugh about your headline! And the quilt is so close... Looking good!

Heather Pregger said...

You know, my husband made fun of me when I ordered the castration tool (or maybe he was laughing it off because he was worried). But it is a really handy tool!