Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Day 105.....almost there!

I buckled down this afternoon and finally got a bit 
more completed on Maggie's quilt.
the bottom drop is now attached

as are the two side panels
If all goes as planned, I will attach 
both side drops tomorrow


here is another Dharma dinner napkin

and some detail shots:

thanks for stopping by



queenopearls said...

WOW, what a napkin after my heart! :))) And Maggie's quilt is a show stopper! Way to go Judy!!!!!! :)
Oh and I hope your Thanksgiving was ah-maz-ing! :) ~ Christina

Jeannie said...

I agree with queenopearls, the napkin is gorgeous. Mag's quilt is fabulous. It is a quilt that every little (and big girl) dreams of and she will love to curl up under it. xo

Connie Rose said...

Loving the quilt! And your ice dyeing is fantastic! xoxo

Carol said...

Oh, the quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Judy! I'm so looking forward to seeing it finished but I think I'm going to miss the progress photos. You'll have to start one for Charlie now. The dinner napkin is a most wonderful mix of colours, I really think it is beautiful - you're the queen of ice dyeing...

Maggi said...

So much gorgeousness.