Thursday, December 03, 2015

Day 106

I do so wish that my sewing studio was less angled,
so that I could stand back and snap a proper photo
of this quilt.
well, the quilt top is pieced,
I'll say that much!
here's a detail shot of the lower left corner

I showed it to our daughter last weekend
while they were here visiting,
and she very innocently asked if that was a butterfly!
(I'm very happy that she figured it out
before I had to point it out to her.)
This has been a tremendous journey,
and I thank you all for your ongoing support
and lovely comments.
They have helped me so much.

my dye job for today:

I have almost finished embroidering the family tree
on the back of the quilt.
A proper tree has a trunk, branches, and leaves, right?
So now I'm busy dyeing the wood.
Next will be the greenery.

Yesterday I picked up my knitting
 and began the second mitt of Purl Soho's

I knit the first one last Spring.
It was a fiddly knit, using the cable needle so often,
so I'm cabling without a cable needle this go round.
It's much faster and loads of fun.

thanks for stopping by



queenopearls said...

WOOO HOOOO!! The top is magnificent Judy! I adore the cheerful, colorful top which you did a marvelous job piecing. :) I hope you are comfortable sharing the back when it is done. :)
The hand warmers are coming along beautifully. Love the color of them. :) ~ Christina

Maggi said...

That is just so beautiful Judy. Maggie is going to have to chain it to her bed otherwise everyone will be trying to 'borrow' it.