Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Last night I got busy after dinner and made a birthday card....can't tell you who it's for, as she might just pop in and read my blog today. I'll have to keep you all guessing until the celebrated event arrives. Anyway, here it is:

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers. As a child growing up in Massachusetts, I had them in the small garden plot that my parents let me tend in the summer time. Now that I am grown and live in Georgia, our seasons are so different that we enjoy our pansies all winter long! That is nice because when the weather is pretty, as it often is even in January and February, we have these beauties to brighten our landscape. Now that Spring has really sprung in the southland, our pansies are full and plump....just before they get leggy and we pull them up to be replaced by our summer annuals. I always plant pansies around my mailbox in the Fall, enjoying them from October until May. So here's to pansies and the birthday-girl-soon-to-b!! Hip Hip!!

Now I'm off to my studio to do some more dyeing. Stay tuned.....the fish wallhanging is almost complete! WooHoo!!!

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