Friday, April 21, 2006

How's the weather????

Well, quite frankly, it's not been too pleasant here for the past 12 hours or so. We had some severe thunderstorms last evening and night, but thankfully did not receive any damage, and we are forecasted to receive more storms before the cold front finally moves on through the area. So, I am blogging early today, thinking that there is a great possibility that I will be shutting down my computer again this afternoon.

We did manage to go out birding with a group from the nature center yesterday morning and saw two wonderful Baltimore Orioles and a Louisiana Water Thrush. Of course there were lots of other birds, but those were the most remarkable. The Orioles are just passing through...on their way to Baltimore, of course! This mornning's birdwatching trip was cancelled due to the forecasted thunderstorms.

So here is what I've accomplished in the way of quilting in the past 24 hours or so:

"She" is a birthday card for my friend Molly...I don't think she reads my blog, so I should be safe to say that here! Molly and I are both crazy over foul, so I think she will enjoy this. As you may be able to read (it's blurry and I apologize...can't seem to get those closeups!!), I've stamped Happy Birthday on the outside, and then when you flip it over the message says: "Chickie". Now isn't that cute! I must confess I cannot take complete credit for daughter Kristin sent me an Easter card with the same sentiment! Oh, and you thought I was so clever...sorry to disappoint!

We are off to Atlanta and the condo today...I'm hoping to talk Craig into stopping at DSW, as I have a $25 off coupon about to burn a hole in my pocket! I have an Atlanta Silk Artists meeting at 2:00 PM, and then I'm returning to Intown Quilters again....more polka dots, I'm thinkin! Tomorrow morning Kristin and I are doing the MS Walk for a Cure....6.2 miles. We are hoping that we can take along our doggies, Barker and Marley. They love to walk, love people and other dogs too!



Eva said...

What a cute little "Chicken".
Sorry to hear about your thunderstorms. Luckily we don't have that kind of weather here very often. We had a big hurrican 9th January, last year. They named it "Gudrun". She was very powerful and felled millions of trees. Gudrun was the greatest hurrican we have had in 100 years.
It's so strange that your pictures still dosen't enlarge. Have you tryed to look at Blogger's helpside under "Blogger Help Group"? Perhaps you can get some help there.

Judy said...

Hej Eva!
Yes, I recall reading about Gudrun. All of those wonderful forests in Sweden losing so many trees! :-(
It is strange about the lack of enlargement of my photos, isn't it? No, I have not gone to the help group...sometimes I think that I'd rather complain!!! Looking for a solution is an interesting concept however!! LOL

Gerrie said...

Cute chick!!