Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seasonal Blessings

Happy Easter, Passover, Spring, or whatever it is that you and yours are celebrating today. It is another pretty day here in Atlanta. We attended Easter services this morning at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, which is becoming our church home away from home when we are not in Gainesville attending Grace Church. It was great to see so many young families out and all worshiping together. It was a lovely morning for a walk through the "hood" with Barker, but he is worn out now and lounging on the sofa.
Ahhhhh, things that make me happy. Lisa Congdon in her blog, Bird in the Hand, wrote recently about the ten things that make her happy. Great idea! So here are a few for me...and let's see if I can make it to ten!
1. Easter morning and the great message!

This is a three-parter: first is the baseball that Craig cuaght at last night's game. It was a foul ball that came off of the bat of Braves Right Fielder Jeff Francoeur.

Second in this part is that wonderful fabric upon which the baseball is resting! I bought it yesterday at Intown Quilters. Isn't it fabulous. Now another thing that really makes me happy about this fabric is that I got a great discount on it because I am teaching a class there next month!! WooHoo!!

3.The Braves won 2-0 last night and John Smoltz pitched one great shutout ballgame!


Isn't this fabric cool! I am dotty over dots these days! I also found these yesterday at IQ and they make me very happy indeed, with their huge discount!!!


This is our bedroom at the condo....notice the dots on the bedskirt!! Yea, dots are making me happy!

6.We are going to see "Permanent Collection" at the Horizon Theater this evening....that makes me very happy...I love it there and the production has gotten rave reviews!

7.Afterwards we are having dinner at Vine Restaurant in Virginia Highlands....a favorite of ours with some truly innovative items on the menu. On Sunday nights they feature a series of chef's specials....YUMMMM!


Kristin and Dave make me happy! Hope they are having a wonderful time on their little birthday getaway to Savannah!


Barker and Craig make me happy...what would I do without them on a daily basis? Hmmmmmmm

10. Being healthy and able to get out in this beautiful world not only makes me happy but extremely thankful!


Felicity said...

I just woke up and checked my mail and saw your comment - wow! what a lovely thing to say! (What a great start to the day!) Now I see your blog and your beautiful art - it's saved to favs already! (BTW my uncle used to have a white standard poodle called Snooky. One day Snooky was sitting with him in the passenger seat and the word got around town that he was out with a blonde!)

Gerrie said...

You are having too much fun - aren't you just a little guilty LOL!!

I love dots, too - have a whole section of dots.

Caitlin said...

And is that a lovely little chocolate burmese I see ?

Lovelovelove polka dots too - I was thinking about why they were so appealing - no conclusions, just that they make me happy!