Saturday, April 15, 2006

"Somethin' Fishy"

I've almost finished my "Somethin' Fishy" quilted wall hanging for the youth auction at our church. And not a moment too soon, as it will be held next Saturday. Here it is:

The goldfish in the upper right corner were added after my initial post of this quilt. I really like them a lot. I painted some silk habotai to make these guys. The last one in the school has not been beaded yet. Here is a closeup of them:

Here is the Sea Horse, all beaded up:

All of the photos are a tad bit blurry, and I apologize for that....please don't run to your phone and make an appointment to have your eyes checked!!!

Here are some more closeups:

Here are what I am calling anemone. I dyed the cotton for these and then stiffened them up to make them 3-d. Aren't they cool? I wish you could see the centers better...all of the stamens are beaded up in funky colors...purples, yellows, turquoise, red, etc.

Thanks so much to Gerrie Congdon for giving me so many pointers on how to accomplish this wallhanging. Gerrie, I hope you approve.

Well, once again Blogger will not let me add any more pictures, so you are saved!!! LOL But wait, I may just do another posting later!

We are off to Atlanta for the weekend: a stop at one of my favorite quilt shops, Intown Quilters; a Braves game tonight;church at Epiphany tomorrow morning; a play tomorrow evening, and then dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Vine. TaTa!


Gerrie said...

It looks fabulous - hope it raises a ton of money!! I definitely approve and all I did was point you in the direction of Susan Carolson's book!!

Gerrie said...

That would be Susan Carlson's book!! LOL!