Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Now that I have reread what blogger posted to my blog after I had so carefully written and proofread it twice, I see that part of my last paragraph has been eliminated. It should read as follows:
"I detest
coffee, but adore the steamed milk. So my friend Chris at the local coffee shop turned me on to steamed milk with flavorings. (He has since sold his coffee shop and the new owner can't quite manage to make me my steamed milk withoug adding coffee, so I have been forced into making my own at home!) I love this drink: nuke the mug of milk for 2.5 minutes on high and then stir in a dollop or two of the caramel flavoring and you are good to go! YUMMMMMM!

then comes the photo, and then "Bon Appetit!" follows.

So Bon Appetit and Bon Soir!!


Gerrie said...

I grew up on a diary farm and I don't like milk. I am supposed to have 2-3 servings a day - maybe I would like it with caramel flavoring?

Amanda said...

Hey does this mean you are being sensored? How rude. I like a little more coffee with my milk please. Lets hope I can read the hieroglyphics here and this comment will get to you. At least these are somewhat easy to decipher.