Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday Fun

Yesterday was great fun. Our Silk Artists of Atlanta group met at Binders from 12-2, and Elaine Ratiner did a demo on Marbling Silk. She has been using this technique for many years, and she really demystified it all for me! Thanks Elaine!!

I wish I had taken more pictures at the meeting because everyone had interesting things to show and tell. Gail Racy brought another amazing painting of day lilies on silk. She has been taking lessons from Julie Jennings, and while Gail's work (Chinese Brush Painting) has always been wonderful, she is learning some new and awesome techniques with Julie. Rob Wheeler brought along a beautiful framed piece of Japanese embroidery on silk. It's always nice to see and chat with Rob, he is a very gifted and talented artist. Martha Andreatos shared two new pieces that she has completed of silk dyed and resisted in a batik manner, but using gutta. I really could kick myself for not taking more pictures! Several members were away due to summer vacations, but we did have one new member, Susan - and I forget her last name. Duh!!!

We met up with this cute couple at La Fonda on Ponce last night for dinner.

It was rather warm outside, but lovely. We sat up on the rooftop and enjoyed the city night life. The moon was just a crescent, and so lovely in the night sky. Dave's band, Skybucket, was playing at the Masquerade at 11:00 PM. The band was all there at La Fonda and a bunch of their friends joined us for dinner. It's nice to be included in their night life! They are all nice young professionals with great wit and knowledge. Being old folks, we decided to part company with the younger set and went on home to bed at about 10, missing out on the high energy show.

Here's one last photo of the mother-daughter Carpenter-Curylo team...aren't we cute?!!!!

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