Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Unpublished Photos

Here are the previously unpublished photos from yesterday's most excellent Atlanta adventure. It's such a pity that Blogger doesn't allow more photos, and sometimes any photos at all, because I think many of us grow frustrated with that and are considering jumping ship and moving on to Typepad!

The scene of the soon-to-be Trader Joe's. Stay tuned!!!
Breadgarden, home of the sumptuous Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread!

Midtown Art Cinema, where we enjoyed "I'm Your Man"

These are just a couple of handouts from the High Museum, but the colors are terrific, and remind me so much of Gerrie's ensemble on her blog a couple of days ago!!!

High Ho High Ho, it's off to work I go!!!

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Elle said...

I love Trader Joe's. We always find the coolest foodstuff there!

Gerrie said...

I live less than a mile from TJ's - so there!! Sounds like a great day with Craig. Isjn't it nice to have husbands who enjoy the same things we do?