Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Dyeing Day

So, what exactly have I done on this my dyeing day? Well, lemme see.....first I washed out some yummy Midnight Blue cotton that I had dyed last night. While it was washing and drying, I painted some chocolate motifs on a lovely blue silk charmeuse scarf. It will come off of the stretchers soon and "cure" for a while before I run it through the steamer. Below you will notice a few tubs in various sizes filled with different fabrics bathing in wonderful colors. The one in the upper left is raw silk in a chartreuse and to its right is some silk hemp in a blue bath. These are for more pillows....one can never have enough, you know! Then there are various coils of multicolors, for use on my jungle piece. Two of the tubs are covered. I'm trying a little experiment and seeing if covered, there is more heat generated (good Lord, it is already 90 here this afternoon!) and so a more intense color. Can you tell me? Have you tried it?

You may remember this plate from a post a few days back. I apologize, but I wanted to show it to you again, so that you can view it with the table runner....it is finally finished!!! WOOHOO!!! The midnight blue cotton is now the backing fabric for the table runner...see below:

The colors look very washed out here, but in real life they are quite vivid. I quilted the entire thing with a YLI pearl metallic and a few shades of green Sulky Holoshimmers. It is quite nice, if I do say so myself!!

I have finished off the afternoon by making a few midnight blue silk gauze bags to house some wonderful soaps that my friend Mary makes. I am going to give these as little table treats to my female friends at our dinner party on Sunday evening.

C has just come home from his day out and about, feeding the homeless and whatever else it is that he does to occupy his time! The best stop he makes is at the local Farmer's Market. Today he has brought home fresh local corn, yellow squash, green beans, blueberries and the best Georgia peaches!!! He is going to smoke Tuna tonight, so we shall have a feast!!!

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ACey said...

love the table runner! Bet dinner was fab