Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nothin' Sweeter

I really don't think there's anything much sweeter than babies...baby kittens, puppies, and human being babies are all included here! We've all been a bit down in the dumps since we lost our cat of 18 years, Sophie, so Kristin and Dave went to their local Humane Society a couple of weeks ago and found Harvey. Isn't he cute!!! We think he's about 2-1/2 months old. Harvey joins their little zoo: another cat named Zorac, who hasn't quite decided to make nice to Harv yet, and Marley, their adorable beagle.

Here's Harvey and his Mom. I think he's stolen her heart....watch out, Dave!!!

C and I went to meet Harvey yesterday. "Uncle Barker" couldn't quite believe his eyes!!! Marley and Harvey play beautifully together...I don't think that either of them knows that Harvey is a cat!!

Here's a piece of cotton that I have been batiking. I am playing around with a double-tipped tjanting, which I am finding much easier to use than the singles that I have. These are napkins to go with my funky chicken plates.

Now back to quilting my table runner for next Sunday's dinner!

(If you've been reading my blogs at my other site, I apologize for the duplication. I liked this post so much, I wanted to get it on this site. I am attempting to put both sites together and wanted this one to remain. So, you are not going crazy...I am!!)

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