Wednesday, August 09, 2006


There is no other way to describe this day! It was fabulous....dyeing out in the sunshine and having the colors come out just as I had planned...well, almost! Over the past few weeks I have been tinkering a good bit with Melody Johnson's "Lazy Girl" Dyeing method and formulae and slowly but surely things are coming around. I have a ton of old Damask table linens that have been handed down to me (actually my mother, Bless Her Heart!, was going to throw them away but I snatched them up). They have a few worn spots and were getting quite yellow, and so I decided that nothing could be lost by throwing them in the dye bath. If I haven't already told you, they are to become pillows. Well, the first little session yielded somewhat drab colors and I was in a blue funk about that, but then I decided this morning that a little over-dyeing couldn't hurt. Hell, they were so pitiful before that they couldn't get any worse! Well, wonders will never cease!!! Voila Madames et Monsieurs, I present to you, Melicious Damask Dyejobs:

This picture was taken tonight under light, so you don't get quite how vivid the colors really are. The one in the upper left is my favorite.....truly yummy! The darker the color, the more the satin-finish on the Damask pops.

Here's a bit of a closeup so that you can see some of the detail in the Damask. I cannot wait to try more!!! Thanks, Mrs. Mel, for sharing all of your dyeing strategies.

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Gerrie said...

Beautious! I love the Mrs Mel lazy dyer method.