Wednesday, August 02, 2006

At Long Last......AND I AM MOVING!!!!

I was lucky enough to get a spot in Melody Johnson's retreat in Fishers, Indiana a few weeks ago and have yet to post any photos from it. So here are just a few...well, that's all that Blogger will allow me!!
Gerrie said to be sure to get Mel to sing for us, so here she is, singing the Chicago School of Fusing theme song, or was it the fight song? Well it was one or the other, we got both!!! (Jill's elbow makes a nice little frame, doesn't it?)

Here you have yours truly, Kris, and Diane after class on Sunday. Seems to be a clothing theme here, although I guess Diane didn't read the memo thoroughly, as her top and bottom don't totally play along! Diane and I have been cyber buds for a long time, but this was our first time to meet. Kris roomed with Diane and has roomed with Gerrie (boy she gets around, doesn't she?!), so we had something in common there too! Small, small world!!

And here is another pic of our fearless leader with my favorite of her pieces...wish I could afford it!!! And no, she wasn't wearing a thing but those cuffs!!! We had a great time and I am still processing all that I learned, so no pics yet!!!

OH, BEFORE I FORGET....I AM CHANGING MY NAME AND I SUPPOSE THEREFORE MOVING. NO, CRAIG AND I ARE NOT SPLITTING UP, BUT I AM CHANGING MY BLOGGING NAME. GO HERE: and you will find me! Sorry for the extra work of changing addresses. Posted by Picasa

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